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Panthers007 08-27-09 06:34 PM

Very nice machine indeed! Take good care of her.

Tally ho!

sh00k 08-27-09 08:48 PM

holy crap!

i just took this thing for a ride through times square... this was i think the worst idea i've had this year... lmao....

this bike is sooo much quicker than my old ride. i stayed on the smallest and middle rings up front and picking up after a dead stop is insane... unfortunately i didnt have the space but this bike just wants to go... i kept dropping the hammer and then slamming on the brakes (easily of course) .... i am so shocked. the terrain in the area is soooo bad it's not even funny and this bike handled it extremely well. i did both tarmac and concrete, no good areas on either - just raelly crappy unmaintained roads and this thing literally feels like you're flying.... LOL... the only time i realize im on a bike is when i brake and the brakes make some noise - again - i gotta break 'em in..

the seat was a little loose - something i didnt realize before i left the house - so it sorta shifted in a not so nice position after a few minutes... so i rode back to my place...

im still in the first impressions phase. both rides have totaled about 10-15 minutes.... but i duno what to say.... this thing really really hauls ass.

i tried inflating the tires and i notice the valve is different than the one on my 7.2.... i dont think my pump fits this type of tire/tube so i may have to get a converter or something... like i said, im a noob at this. i know they have presta and schrader valves. im not sure what valve is on this bike but i should find out fast. ;)

CameronC 08-27-09 08:58 PM

That looks fantastic, congrats on a beautiful bike !

daredevil 08-27-09 09:10 PM

Getting to ride that bike through Times Square. I could get into that. Way to go man.

sh00k 08-27-09 09:45 PM

thank you guys so much for the props. i really appreciate it!

sh00k 08-27-09 09:51 PM

i was able to get air into my tires but i think my pump sucks... the tires feel really hard right now but my pump guage is only reading 80psi... i know it's wrong, i dont know why... piece of crap! i hope i still have the reciept... i'll return that thing with the quickness...

the tires feel really hard - like if i sat on the bike now, i dont think they would budge a milimeter... LOL.... i hope my tires dont explode on my morning ride tomorrow... lmao!

sh00k 08-28-09 10:13 AM


Originally Posted by fatboy cycling (Post 9568814)
This week "CRANKS" will feature ......... LOL!

Mr. Cycling,

I will DEFINITELY RACE YOU FOR SLIPS...........................................................................

in 15 years when my trek fx 7.7 will be worth a generous $40 via craigslist. :roflmao2:

YOU'RE GOING DOWN, BIGTIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (in 15 years)

but i digest............................:roflmao2::roflmao2::roflmao2::roflmao2::roflmao2::roflmao2:

Little Darwin 08-28-09 10:23 AM

Sweet bike! If I had the money I would have to consider one!

fatboy cycling 08-28-09 02:27 PM

I'm glad to see someone on bikeforums with a good sense of humor!

TinyCycler 08-28-09 11:15 PM

Congrats on your beautiful new bike. I love the white! From the pics it looks like a satin finish instead of glossy. Nice!

Enjoy your new bike.

sh00k 08-29-09 08:38 PM

^ Tiny, thank you some much - i really appreciate it. i planned on taking it on a 40 mile ride today here in manhattan but it rained ;( so maybe next weekend... until then, i'll be getting on my bike in my living room, from time to time, imagining how much fun it's gonna be to ride... lol

Panthers007 08-29-09 11:00 PM

Clean the stains off her. Use a good silicone-based spray now... I don't want to hear that she's having tricycles.

Tome 08-30-09 02:06 AM

Yes indeed. That white is great looking!. I see the specs on the 2010 FXs finally came out. Prices are down a little but the components are decontented too. The decontent is lower than the price reduction. I guess I'll just upgrade my Coda Comp if I can find a shop to do it. Any suggestions on what I should change??

sh00k 08-30-09 05:23 AM

took my first spin on the new ride this morning. 6 miles, avg was 11mph and top speed was 22mph on the flats :D

i have not ridden in about a month or so and so i got absolutely winded about 4 miles in! LMAO! but the ride feels great.

stock saddle = on my 1st 5 minute ride, i didnt mind it, but on longer rides, this thing is terrible. i have some huge aventair saddle that i had on my 7.2 and i'm putting it back on this bike. the saddle weighs a ton but is pretty comfy so im definitely replacing the stocker.

this bike is quick. rolling, i avg about 10-12mph but as i pedal, not with so much energy, i am easily at 15-17mph. going from 10mph to 20 takes only a few seconds and it feels great.

the ride quality is pretty impressive. roads that appear to be bumpy/have craters, etc, feel sooo smooth on this bike. on my 7.2, i did notice the bumps more - at least on the stretch that i covered today - but on this bike, it feels like you're riding different ground than you're actually on.

iforgotmename 08-30-09 07:10 AM

Very nice bike, the white is nice and clean looking. Enjoy.:thumb:

sh00k 08-31-09 12:45 PM

^ thank you! much appreciated!

Tome - the main difference between this model and the 09 model, aside from color, is that they removed the ultegra derailler (i forget if it was front or rear) and replaced it with the 105... the 105s are compared to the ultegra line and only vary in weight from what i've been able to ascertain via web searches... this thing shifts flawlessly. i have to get the front derailler adjusted a little but the rear is soo smooth. you're in the gear before you know it and without any hiccups. i dont know if that one 'downgrade' would make the bike 'decontented' in any way but i am loving the 105 group set thus far.

they also upgraded the front derailler to the new shimano 6703....

im planning on taking a 30-40 mile ride today after work.... i just hope i have the energy for it... im going to bring a bowl of pasta with me just in case... LOL

::googles 'how to mount bowl of pasta on hybrid-bike handle bars'::

Blossom 08-31-09 05:48 PM

In case you haven't figured it out yet... you have presta valves (Schrader=suck=car). Most floor pumps made in the last few years will work on either.

80 psi feels pleasantly firm. Before you claim your pump is broken, I'd talk to the LBS and try to get an idea of what the different pressures feel like.

Adjusting where the shifters are on the bars shouldn't affect the indexing. If so, then you messed with the micro-adjust while moving things. Go check out to learn a bit about adjusting and fixing things.

Oh, and it doesn't suck to bring a multi-tool along with you during rides to handle those small adjustments so you don't have to cut a ride short.

sh00k 08-31-09 06:58 PM

Took my first long ride on my new FX today.... I rode about 28 miles... Went from Times Square (middle of manhattan) to Dykman and broadway (northern tip of manhattan) back all the way down to battery park (southern tip of manhattan) and then back to times square. pics below taken in battery park, southern tip of manhattan. sorry if some seem like doubles but they're not. statue of liberty is in the background.

avg speed was about 12 mph with some insanely crazy headwind heading north. my way back down was a breeze and was doing probably 15-18 mph the entire way down. then, after battery park, heading back north, was more serious headwind ;( by this time my legs were gonna give way and i think i avg'd about 10mph on the way back.

- the fx shifts beautifully. i have to get used to what notch means what gear but that'll come in time.

- i was on the bike path during rush hour - a lot of stop and go traffic for crosswalks/people with kids/etc. so i kept both the front and the rear in the middle gear and accelerating after a stop brought a smile to my face each time :D lol. it's nice and fast off the line.

- the bike is sooo dirty right now and i only crossed a small patch of water 1x......... i have a white car too so i guess i should have expected this... LOL.
all in all an awesome ride. i rode my old aventair saddle this time out but will be switching back to the stocker... im going to see if i get used to the stocker after a few rides. thanks for the advice, mattya!

- 2 "mods" - the schwinn bike accessory pouch by the handle bars and my $9.99 schwinn bike computer =P

norwood 08-31-09 09:39 PM

Nice bike. A Brooks saddle in either black or honey would really set it off.

RiverCityCyclis 08-31-09 09:51 PM

Very nice bike!! I have to admit I'm partial to the white :-)

common man 09-01-09 04:58 AM

i know your wallet is is in pain right now but you should order $25 fenders from amazon and protect your investment. i hate it when i pass by just a small patch of water and then there's mud everywhere on my bike and my shirt.

KShep 09-01-09 06:27 AM


Originally Posted by sh00k (Post 9591276)
i rode my old aventair saddle this time out but will be switching back to the stocker... im going to see if i get used to the stocker after a few rides.

I'm still using the stock saddle...~500 miles on it now. I don't really notice it's there anymore which is an improvement. I have another saddle on the way....may not need it. :)

sh00k...a good pair of cycling shorts is a worthwhile investment imo.

Wanderer 09-01-09 06:51 AM

Wow, nice looking bike! Make sure you get the pics into the what does your bike look like thread.

Really SHARP!

sh00k 09-01-09 07:46 AM

thanks for the props guys, it's much appreciated.

re fenders: i only ride in dry conditions so it's not really a huge problem for me - not huge enough to make me get fenders :) my first ride on her was sunday morning ta 6am and it rained all day saturday in nyc. even when i see puddles, i try to avoid them when possible and when i cant, i slow down.

i dont mind a little dirt... i dig the clean look of the bike so im not going to get fenders. if i commuted or did rain-riding, i'd totally get fenders.

MorganRaider 09-01-09 09:45 AM

Sweet pics !! Some look they could be in a TREK catalog. The lettering really pops against the white paint.

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