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sh00k 08-26-09 09:02 PM

Official Trek FX 7.7 thread!

Although the first few pages of this thread have pictures/details on my Trek 7.7 FX, this is the OFFICIAL thread for ALL Trek 7.7 FX related posts/questions/pictures, etc etc etc.

I hope everyone is enjoying their rides! :]


i hope the caps got your attention but didn't offend you. ;)

first of all i would like to thank the following people that helped turn me from a noob into a noob with some knowledge.

fatboy cycling
sixty fiver

and so many more. thanks for your help, tips, suggestions, and being a listening ear to my obsessive compulsive rants before i actually got my ride...

now to cut to the chase --

although it looks like i folded the bike to get it into my car, rest assured, i placed this thing in the back of my car like i would a baby :D ROFLMAOOOO!

sh00k 08-26-09 09:02 PM

Shimano 105 rear derailer and cassette

Shimano 105 crank and wellgo pedals. the crank looks so bare compared to other cranks.

trek's carbon fork with wireless computer inserts. i am not going to be using a wireless computer tho. wired for me.

1st impression after a 5 minute ride:

- holy crap this thing is light. i feel like im riding a plastic bike :D

- drivetrain = on point. no shifts missed, you switch up or down and it goes without hesitation

- it's fasssssssssssssssssst. again, i was in jeans riding this and from some of the take offs, this thing really wants to go

- came with a annoying reflector on the handle bars that i removed

- the white looks sooooo much hotter in person. my girl said she likes this bike better than my old one 'this one looks clean'. the white is soooo smooth.

- only annoyance, as some have mentioned, is that the shifters are always touching your fingers. i'll post pics of what i mean. this is annoying as all hell, even from my 5 minute ride, so im def taking it back to the dealer to have the shifters placed a few cm away from the brakes... maybe an inch away or so. still enough to get to them easily while staying out of the way.

- altho i only spent a few seconds on the saddle, i am surprised it did not feel like a mideval torture device like the stocker on my trek 7.2... again, this is only based on a 5 minute ride.

- brakes a little noisy, but that's bc they're not broken in. they will be by this weekend tho :-D

again - thanks to everyone that helped me with my decision!
- s.

PrestonNg 08-26-09 09:07 PM

omg she's beautiful, loving the white

jarelj 08-26-09 09:10 PM

Very Nice! :thumb:

DHDigital 08-26-09 11:12 PM

I noticed the shifter/brake positition on my '10 7.5 was in need of adjusting. I moved mine out a little too.

Timber_8 08-27-09 01:55 AM

Nice, good Luck

KShep 08-27-09 04:59 AM

The white frame is a beaut for sure...I feel a tinge of buyers remorse now. Stoopid dull drab grey. :cry:

Some bar ends would give you alternate hand positions in case relocating components doesn't help as much as you'd like.

Congrats on the new bike. :thumb:

WCoastPeddler 08-27-09 05:10 AM

Nice! :thumb:

MattyA 08-27-09 06:13 AM

Congrats on finally getting your bike!

sh00k 08-27-09 07:05 AM

thanks matt, kshep and timber. i am going to go for a 40 mile ride this saturday morning to really test ride it. after i took it for a spin, the dealer said the tires werent inflated that high so im going to fill it up betw 110-120 psi (120 is max) and see what i can do....

overall, im quite happy. the ride was really really smooth yesterday. you dont notice the imperfections on the road as much. i know on tarmac, i used to feel the little bumpy/vibrating sensations when riding on my 7.2 but i did not feel that yesterday on the 7.7. it felt like you are riding on glass like several people have said. very, very smooth. im going to take it onto slightly older pavement, on the bike path, to see if theres a difference on that.

anaheim flash 08-27-09 07:06 AM

damn good lookin' ride.
glad you are heppy with the fit and the ride!!!!

sh00k 08-27-09 07:09 AM


Originally Posted by DHDigital (Post 9564538)
I noticed the shifter/brake positition on my '10 7.5 was in need of adjusting. I moved mine out a little too.

i moved mine yesterday too but them moved them back to the stock location because the shifting precision changed a bit. i really have to learn how to adjust that stuff myself so i dont have to go back to the dealer so often. i'll read about it somewhere on the net...

sh00k 08-27-09 07:18 AM


Originally Posted by KShep (Post 9565047)
The white frame is a beaut for sure...I feel a tinge of buyers remorse now. Stoopid dull drab grey. :cry:

Some bar ends would give you alternate hand positions in case relocating components doesn't help as much as you'd like.

Congrats on the new bike. :thumb:

thanks again dude. i am really shocked tho that trek doesnt really offer too many colors on these bikes... red, blue, black, gray.... really? that's it?

i told myself i was not going to get the 7.7 if they kept it gray.... so when i saw the white, i was like okay, instead of giving it a different color, they gave it white which, to me, is a blank canvas.. lol.

the 7.5 looks really nice is person. i decided that im going to accent the white with another color - i duno what yet. i've seen some blue tires that would look nice on it..... :twitchy:

as for the fit - i am so glad i went with the 22.5 over the 20". on my 20" 7.2, it felt like the bars were too close to me and, as a result, i sorta hunched my back as i rode... this one feels a lot more comfortable when im on the saddle.

if anyone else is between sizes, obviously try out both sizes and pay close attention to your back and how straight or hunched over you are. i mean, it was comfortable to a degree to ride the 20" but the bigger size is a better fit for me.

ZOINKS 08-27-09 08:52 AM

Wow, what a beautiful bike! BIG fan of the white frame. I have a ’09 7.5 FX in the White Duotone color. Anyway, congrats on the sweet ride!

sh00k 08-27-09 09:29 AM

Thanks Zoinks. Where do you ride? I picked up my 7.7 from metropolitan ave in queens altho i reside in manhattan.

ZOINKS 08-27-09 10:21 AM

Was it Twin Bicycle on Metropolitan Ave? I picked up my 7.5 from Brickwell on Northern Blvd near the Queens/Nassau border.
I live in Douglaston and I primarily ride around that area, including Little Neck and Bayside. There is a MUP that runs along the Cross Island Pkwy from Northern Blvd to Fort Totten, then under the Throg’s Neck Bridge into Bayside. Another good ride with lots of big hills is in the neighborhoods in Douglaston and Little Neck north of Northern Blvd. Usually ride around on the roads that run along Little Neck Bay.
Some day I would like to take my bike on the LIRR and ride in the city.

MorganRaider 08-27-09 11:39 AM

Sweeeet Bike - Congratulations :D

jeffpoulin 08-27-09 12:18 PM

Congrats on the bike! I have an 08 7.7FX in beige/gold. I like the white color better, but would prefer black most of all if they made it.

Regarding your shifters, you can move them yourself with a 5mm allen key. Takes all of 2 minutes.

Happy riding.

sh00k 08-27-09 12:22 PM

^ i tried doing that last night and when i had re-tightened then in the new location, i noticed the shifting precision changed a little bit... i'll get more time to play around with the shifters/derailers this weekend. i may just take it back to the shop to have this adjusted properly instead of half-assing it :D

common man 08-27-09 04:01 PM

you were searching for the fastest hybrid and that's why you sold your 7.2 fx to get this. we were talking about how hybrid geometry would bottleneck speed regardless of the upgrade in components. so how does this compare to the 7.2 fx in terms of speed? are you able to go significantly faster or are you indeed bottlenecked (but still wowed by this cool and expensive higher end model). lastly, i know you toyed around with the 7.3 fx. how does the 7.7 compare to the 7.3? how about in terms of lightness? i know that both models have the same exact frame. thanks.

Pax 08-27-09 04:09 PM

That is one purdy bike!

fatboy cycling 08-27-09 04:15 PM

This week "CRANKS" will feature ......... LOL!

qmsdc15 08-27-09 04:44 PM

I'm glad my comments were of use to you. I was actually telling you to get the carbon, though. Haha. You done good, she's a beauty. Would you consider flipping the stem if I told you not to? ;) It will be faster and put your back closer to the recommended angle (45º) for performance riding. The 45º is a rule of thumb, a starting point to finding your best position. Depending on your lower back and upper arm strength and hamstring flexibility, the more you have of these, the lower you can put your bars. You want to go fast, so get as low as you can, then go chase down the roadies in Central Park! Yeah!

Wheels4 08-27-09 05:40 PM

that is sharp bike... hope you enjoy it.

terraskye 08-27-09 05:58 PM

Nice Bike ShOOk!! Glad you finally got it...Happy roads and trails!!:)

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