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cannonjoe 04-23-10 06:16 AM

Getting really fustrated, and cant decide on a new bike!
My wife has asked me to post seeking opinions....

Trek 7500 VS Kona Dew FS...or xyz or abc...

She has had several really nice total "comfort" bikes, currently a Trek 7300 Multitrack and absolutely hates it! She does not have an athletic build/body type, and has never been involved in any sports or athletics. She really struggles with getting to and maintaining any cadence to speak of and as a result speed and endurance. She wants to be able to change that and use the bike not only as a form of enjoyment but as a way to improve her fitness level. We both love to ride and have access to some awesome roads/trails/paths, but she can't get to the point of any relative comfort on any bike to this point. We also travel a bit with our bikes and will be riding on all types of terrian, but no mountain/off road biking, but a lot of state parks with dirt to gravel to pavement that can be flat and hilly.

She has test drove so a lot, I mean a lot of bikes, almost all hybrid style and a few road bikes. It's a continuously moving target on her search for a bike but as of the last couple of days she has it narrowed down to a Trek 7500 and a Kona Dew FS. Both are really close to what I would categorize a comfort bike.

Sorry to be so long here, but opinions/experiences would be appreciated.

Thank you!

Slee_Stack 04-23-10 07:29 AM

I don't see how a Trek 7500 will be much different than a 7300 model.

But the bigger issue is what is making her uncomfortable?

Is it the overall fit? Is she stretched too far, hunched too much?

If her old bike is just a bad size, either bike you are looking at would be just fine assuming you get the right size and set it up just right for her.

If its more than that, it could be that she just doesn't feel comfortable on a bike. Bikes really aren't all that comfortable when compared against most other chairs or seats we sit in.

I know you mention trails and gravel, but if she really just doesn't like sitting on a bicycle seat, give some serious consideration towards a Recumbent.

Recumbents are expensive, more difficult to transport, and don't typically do well on anything but pavement/paths.

BUT, they are AMAZINGLY comfortable and offer a FANTASTIC view while you are riding. And you can still get a workout!

Most people don't know much about or see many recumbents but that doesn't mean they aren't the perfect bike for some people. Just an idea to put out there.

Arcanum 04-23-10 07:39 AM

Fit and comfort being equal, I'd say go with the Dew FS.

Aside from me liking Kona as a brand/company, the Dew FS has a better (meaning stronger/lighter) aluminum alloy for the frame, components that appear to be roughly equivalent to the Trek across the board, and hydraulic disc brakes. From the sounds of things, she doesn't actually need disc brakes, hydraulic or otherwise, but those hydraulics are awfully nice in terms of feel and control.

Plus, the Kona is more than $100 cheaper than the Trek. More bike, less money.

mikeschn 04-24-10 06:20 AM

Do you ever get par*a*lyzed with mak*ing a deci*sion? Is it dif*fi*cult for you to decide when hard choices con*front you? You get scared and you get fear*ful, so instead you do nothing?

The other per*son*al*ity type is those that fear any kind of deci*sion at all. I call these peo*ple Ana*lytic Paralytics…frozen with infor*ma*tion over*load. At some point in our lives most peo*ple hit this cross*road, espe*cially when big deci*sions need to be made. We want so badly not to make mis*takes, so we gather and gather and hunt for infor*ma*tion. We ask ques*tions, we seek advice, we get opinions….but the more infor*ma*tion we gather, the more dif*fi*cult it becomes to decide!

more here...


Wanderer 04-24-10 09:55 AM

Mike, you are way over thinking this........ LOL

Joe, did she ride the Trek FX series, of the Specialized Sirrus?

nice_marmot 04-24-10 11:47 AM

Sounds like a comfy, comfy bike.

mikeschn 04-24-10 12:31 PM

I like the looks of the Kona too!


Mr IGH 04-25-10 02:29 PM

Originally Posted by cannonjoe (Post 10711902)
She has had several really nice total "comfort" bikes, currently a Trek 7300 Multitrack and absolutely hates it! She does not have an athletic build/body type, and has never been involved in any sports or athletics....

Step-thru frame? My wife hates the mens style frame's top tube. I switched her over to a nice step-thru ladies frame and now she's happy. Turned out she had a top-tube phobia and she was fixated on it.

lucille 04-25-10 02:42 PM

I agree with others, maybe the fit is not right? Or her seat not comfortable? Or maybe she would like a small-wheeled and non threatening look of a folder?

cannonjoe 04-25-10 08:45 PM

Thank you all for your input. She has decided to go with the Kona Dew FS. Have to order her size so it's going to be a week or so till she gets it. Sold her previous bike (Trek 7300 Multitrack) for $250 on Craigslist in a matter of a few hours today...after 6 years of use...made out pretty good, depreciated less than a car!

On a side note, we visited a LBS and were working with the owner trying to get the right bike for my wife, and wow was he great! He and I agreed that a Trek 7.5FX WSD would be a great fit for my wife’s wants/needs, speed and comfort. My wife wasn’t totally comfortable on it so he offered/suggested that we come by after they close one night this week and he would change out the seat, seat post, handle bars, grips, and whatever else til she was happy...if she wasn’t happy she could walk, no commitment. Now that's good service! We visited allot of LBS over the last couple of weeks and experienced a fair amount of poor service. Yes he's trying to sell us something but it's nice to know there are still quality folks out there! BTW, the LBS we are getting the Kona from seem to be equally good.

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