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Zenmaster2009 08-06-12 04:53 PM

Best looking hybrid you have seen
What is the best looking hybrid you have seen? Post the details and describe it or preferably post pics! I was having a discussion with a co worker who said all hybrids are ugly and I want to give him some good reading/viewing material. I know many of you have awesome bikes or have seen awesome ones. :D

grasse 08-06-12 07:19 PM

Here are my favorites:
Orbea Diem: S20
Specialized Sirrus: Limited
Wilier Bassano:

antmuzic 08-06-12 08:15 PM

Cannondale Bad Boy:

SHOFINE 08-07-12 04:12 AM

I haven't been too crazy about the looks of most hybrids.
[h=1]2012 Pinarello Treviso[/h]

jbchybridrider 08-07-12 04:48 AM

I may be just a little biased here but this looks good to me :rolleyes:

giantcfr1 08-07-12 06:34 AM

Winner above. I have yet to see a better looking hybrid.

Edit...mine second.

giantcfr1 08-07-12 06:52 AM


Originally Posted by giantcfr1 (Post 14575583)
Edit...mine second.

But seriously, this Spanish guy's is a second to JBC

This is my vote for ugliest...

jbchybridrider 08-07-12 07:04 AM

If the dale had a better saddle that would kill mine.

giantcfr1 08-07-12 07:06 AM


Originally Posted by jbchybridrider (Post 14575649)
If the dale had a better saddle that would kill mine.

OMG :popcorn YOU are going to have the Brooks Squad after you.

Terrierman 08-07-12 07:17 AM


AdelaaR 08-07-12 07:33 AM

Hi zenmaster.
Many people simply believe what they want to believe, especially when it comes to hybrids, so your coworker might simply stick to his ideas.

Anyway ... I build my own hybrid from scratch to be exactly what I wanted, so obviously it's what I consider to be the nicest hybrid in the world:

JBChybridrider's bike is also completely custom and really nice be it more on the "performance" side of hybrids where mine is more on the "do-it-all" side.
You'll find many pictures in the pictures thread and such.

jbchybridrider 08-07-12 10:48 AM

Andygarton's Trek on this thread is pretty nice

jbooker82 08-07-12 12:57 PM

Man I was expecting to see a little mud and dirt.

choclabman 08-07-12 03:46 PM

That Orbea Diem S20 is one sweet looking bike. Too bad its way out of my price range.

Zenmaster2009 08-07-12 07:38 PM

You guys have some sweet looking bikes. Keep 'em coming!

giantcfr1 08-08-12 09:26 AM

PatrickGSR94 08-08-12 10:01 AM

^^^ ummm... double-you tee eff mate?

Sure single-sided forks/arms are kinda cool and all, sorta Ducati-ish. But why have no rear seat stay at all? Those rear members look massively heavy.

jbchybridrider 08-08-12 10:19 AM

^^ I bet it never comes off that rack!

javal 08-08-12 10:47 AM

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This bike might be 7-8 years old. Turned up on swedish CL 3 years ago. NOS. My size. Hard to come by. I wasnt fast enough to grab it. It would have had its natural place amongst my other Monark´s.

Evgeny 08-08-12 11:32 AM

Cube Editor

Cannondale Bad Boy 5


Focus Arriba

badger1 08-08-12 12:03 PM

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I'd buy one in a heartbeat, if I could afford it!

bmc Alpenchallenge AC01

PatrickGSR94 08-08-12 12:21 PM

Man I would love a flat/satin black bike with gloss black graphics and red bits.

David Bierbaum 08-08-12 02:34 PM

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I think my baby is just as beautiful today as the day I first met her. Even if she has changed her handlebarstyle and what she wears over the years.

corwin1968 08-08-12 03:12 PM

For me, it doesn't get any better than this. No details but I think the owner may post here.

TornadoCAN99 08-08-12 05:35 PM

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The Devinci Helsinki all carbon frame Hybrid is an awesome commuter at 19 lbs:

But I now have a Spot ACME alu frame Hybrid with Gates CarbonDrive Belt and 11-spd IGH:

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