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aubiecat 09-04-13 12:56 PM

The Giant Escape City is a cool looking bike. The fenders and bike rack compliment the bike very nicely.

memebag 09-06-13 02:50 PM


Originally Posted by memebag (Post 16029590)
My LBS just ordered one of these for me. They had the 3 in stock, so I got a feel for it. Very sweet ride. I keep looking at pictures of them on the internet. Can't wait til next week.

My LBS just told me Giant won't ship it until next week (it's a 2014), so I have to wait longer. I hate waiting. I keep fantasizing about the day I get to ride it home.

memebag 09-21-13 08:23 PM

I picked up my new Giant Escape City on Monday. It shifts like butter. Very pleasant ride. It took a few rides to get used to the flat bar hand position, but now I'm enjoying it. Very stable, good grip with the stock tires. I was worried about how skinny they are, but they deal with water and sand very well. The fenders work surprisingly well, too. I plowed through a bunch of deep puddles today and only my feet got splattered.

On the down side, the saddle is uncomfortable. I think I'll replace it with one like I have on my road bike. And both of the plastic bits that hold the rear fender struts on broke today for no good reason. I think my LBS may have cranked them down too tight, but the design seems flaky.

Other than that, I'm so in love with this bike. I bought some panniers for it tonight, and earlier this week I gave it a headlight and a u-lock. I feel like I could go anywhere on it and do anything.

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