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ChanceG 09-18-13 09:52 AM

Upgrading 10' Trek 7.5fx
OK, I am currently looking for some suggestions for upgrading my 2010 Trek 7.5fx. Im thinking about a compact double crank and maybe cass change if needed. Right now I never use my 36 or 26 gear on the stock triple crank. On hills my 48 and lowest cass has been fine. My riding average speed is 17-19mph depending on length of the ride 14-24 miles per ride.

I have recently purchased a Bontrager Satellite elite carbon trekking bar, RXL carbon stem, and carbon seatpost. open for some other suggestions....

And I was just going to upgrade my bike, but it still serves me pretty well right now. If i do in the future it will be another perforance/fitness hybrid/flatbar bike

Delmarva 09-18-13 10:52 AM

Right now you are cross chaining to get a low gear which is not a good idea. Rather than spending money learn to shift that triple more. My suggestion would be to stick with a triple but revise the chainrings and cassette if the gearing is wrong. To me upgrades should be thought of as changes that will improve the performance or ridability of your bike. For example going to a 48-38-30 and closer spaced cassette will both retain the number of gearing options and give a usable bailout gear but it will also remove some of the long gear jumps that are inherent with most stock hybrid cassettes. And it should cost less than changing everything out to allow a double to be used. Going from a triple to a double strikes me as a big step backward.

To get a sense of what is possible use the venerable Sheldon Brown gear ratio calculator below to compare what you have to various combinations of chain rings and cassettes. For me gear inches is the most understandable output.

Regarding the carbon bar, stem and seat post I suppose they could be good ideas if they are improving the ride in some way. From what you posted I'm not clear on what your goal is beyond a vague upgrade. Standard pedals can sometimes give marginal support and grip so consider swapping if they are problematic.

ChanceG 09-18-13 11:25 AM

Thanks for the response! Yes I changed out the pedals already as well. The bars stem and seatpost were changed out for a more comfort feel and weight saving as well. (road a friends bike with the same changes and loved the feel)
I just thought that going to a more road style compact crank would be better, and lighter seeing that I never use the lower ring

I'm looking for a road style gearing setup.

Bill Kapaun 09-18-13 02:28 PM

According to, you've got an 11-26 cassette. I kind of wonder if it's not really a 12-26 number though.
Anyway, going to an 11/12-21/23 would give you closer spaced gears and a reason to at least use your middle ring.

Apparently, you still wouldn't use the small ring if going to a compact, so in a sense 1/2 your money would be wasted.

Is your crank 110 BCD? maybe just get a 50T large ring?

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