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ps249 10-19-13 12:09 AM

What do you put in your saddlebags?
What do you keep in them for short or long hauls?

giantcfr1 10-19-13 03:30 AM

How often does this question come up a week on bike forums? Has to be a close second to ... I'm a newbie what bike should I buy?

Anyway here's my usual answer... I don't use one but prefer a tool bottle, because to me they look like an old scrotum hanging from the saddle. I don't need another one. lol
And before anyone comments about the need for a second water bottle on long rides, I don't need a second, because my rides have natural springs everywhere. This is what I carry in my tool bottle.

Willis24 10-19-13 05:42 AM

Tube, patch kit, tire lever, CO2 inflator, and 3 allen keys.

memebag 10-19-13 07:55 AM

Standard repair stuff in my saddle bag (tubes, COs, tire tool, multitool), plus phone, one credit card and enough keys to get back inside my house.

But I only have a saddle bag on my road bike. My hybrid has a trunk bag and sometimes panniers. So I include all kinds of useful stuff, like an old T shirt to wipe off with, extra lights, beer, flour, sugar, milk, etc.

canadiandude 10-19-13 01:22 PM

I carry 1 tube, 3 tire levers, a Topeak multitool, patch kit and a credit card and I have a mini-pump attached to the down tube beside my water bottle.

ps249 10-19-13 03:18 PM

Not a noob here by any means- I just never bothered to use a saddlebag. Majority of my riding is on local rail trails. Thanks for your input.

rebel1916 10-19-13 04:58 PM

Miscellaneous pieces of dead hookers

kebbs 11-06-13 09:28 AM

Spare tube (wrapped in an old sock), adjustable wrench, multi-tool (with a chain breaker and spoke tool), Swiss army knife, tire levers, patch kit, basic first aid kit, two gel shots. A small pump is attached to the frame.

caffein8ed 11-06-13 04:41 PM

I have a medium-sized saddle bag (one of these) containing:

small first-aid kit
CO2 inflator
2 x CO2 cartridges
patch kit
tire levers
Presta to Schrader adapter
2 x small cotton rags
a few wire ties
small adjustable wrench

fietsbob 11-06-13 06:55 PM

IF im not wearing it, My Rain gear, to put on when it Is Raining.

BuckeyeBob 12-14-13 10:21 PM

Just came across this thread; i know it's a little old. I like to add that I put some food (Carbs) in my bag. It helps when I am out on the trail and my sugar starts to drop.

NoviceJohn 12-14-13 11:32 PM

Spare tube, 2 levers, 2 allen keys. I keep my mini pump and snacks in my jersey pocket.

jsdavis 12-15-13 03:37 PM

3 levers, 2 tubes, 1 patch kit, mini pump, keys, phone, u-lock, extra sweater now that it's winter, couple clif bars, mini-tool

Darth Lefty 12-15-13 04:59 PM

Corn meal and gunpowder and ham hocks and guitar strings

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