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jj4short88 10-22-13 04:52 PM

Help! Upgrading rear wheel for Giant Cypress
Hi! new to this site and always biking but never was serious until recently. I'm trying to upgrade my rear wheel from Alexrims DA 22 to something where I don't have to worry about the spokes popping. I'm 150lb and like to ride 8 miles back and forth from school. I had a recommendation for Shimano Deore wheel but I have no idea how to browse wheels you can buy online that fit my bike. My bike has rim brakes if that is significant. I don't mind going to a bike store and buying wheels but I'd like to get more information before I get something that might be overpriced or poor quality. Any help would be great

no1mad 10-22-13 05:01 PM

Welcome aboard :)

At your weight, you shouldn't be "popping spokes" unless you are totally trashing the wheels on purpose. If you've had a LBS rebuild the wheel for you in the past, seek out another LBS.

I'm also moving this discussion from Introductions to Hybrids.

jimc101 10-22-13 05:09 PM

Hi, welcome to BF, for your wheel, you need to ID several things, the OLD, which is the width of the hub, this will be either 130 or 135mm (Deore is 135mm), and if it is a freewheel or freehub, a quick Google search indicates its a freewheel & the brake type (you mention rim brakes).

If it is a freewheel, you can either stick with a freewheel, or upgrade to a cassette hub (like the Deore) freewheel wheel are normally lower end adn wheel have corresponding build quality.

You don't mention what is wrong with your current wheel (are the spokes popping now, or is it just a concern for the future), or how old the bike is , if under a year old and the spokes are breaking, this is a warranty issue.

Also, not sure why you are concerned about the advice from a LBS, they won't hold customers if they don't give good advice, find one you like, and use them.

Lacumo 10-22-13 10:38 PM

Welcome to BF and good luck with the wheel, too!

Bill Kapaun 10-23-13 07:48 AM

Some years ago, there were a bunch of bad spokes that went out industry wide.
You didn't specify the year or model of your Cypress.

Most likely, if it's the entry level model (7 speed), it's a free wheel hub.
A Free Hub is much stronger, but would involve the additional purchase of a cassette, while if you get another free wheel hub, you can swap the old free wheel to it.

Chances are, your LBS has cheap replacement wheels for around $50 or so.

IF you want a better quality wheel, it's going to cost more.

What do you want to spend?

jj4short88 10-28-13 09:04 AM

Wow. Thanks everyone. Two of my spokes broke in about a month and I haven't had that issue in the past before so I wanted to research it befor I fix the second spoke. Great info guys. I wanna get something less then $100. My bike was a rebuild from a bike that was in an accident (and a gift) so I'm also wonder if there could be something else going on because I was only riding it for 5 months. I had a giant bike before that lasted a lot longer with no issues so surprise this fits me better but has this issue. No idea what the year is but it is not new. Thanks I'll tell you what I come up with.

Bill Kapaun 10-29-13 02:59 AM

Here's an inexpensive Free Hub wheel.

Stainless spokes vs UPC (galvanized)
You'd need to buy a cassette, but you'd have a better hub. Also a chance to change your gearing if you want something different.

Whatever wheel you buy, I suggest adding grease to the bearings and adjusting them.

Little Darwin 11-04-13 01:11 PM

There is definitely a problem with your wheel, since I ride a Giant Sedona (basically the same bike as yours with 26" wheels) and I have broken 1 spoke in about 4000 miles across several years, and I have weighed between 300 and 365 pounds for each one of those miles, usually carrying 10-20 pounds of stuff in a trunk bag and/or panniers.

With your requirements, I would target your efforts at getting recommendations for a reputable bike shop. When you have determined which one to trust, fo there and see what they suggest from their stock.

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