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MattGiaco 11-01-13 07:09 PM

Cannondale Quick CX 4 vs Specialized Crossroads Sport

This is my first post and I thank you in advance for your input/advice. I'll post an introduction in that forum shortly.

I am in the market for a bike after my trusty 2001 Trek 800 was swiped from outside of a grocery store the other night. I love biking as a form of exercise and transportation. In fact, I've said that I wish that my car had been stolen instead because cops care about stolen cars, they're insured and I use my car less often than my bike.

That being said, after doing a bunch of shopping around, I've narrowed my search to two bikes: the Cannondale Quick CX 4 and the Specialized Crossroads Sport. They both seem similar when I rode them. The CX 4 has a more forward/aggressive ride position and the Crossroads Sport is more comfortable.

I know the CX4 has disc brakes which people consider an upgrade but I'm not sure that I care.

The big thing that I liked about the CX4 was it's just more aesthetically pleasing, especially considering I need the Jumbo (Cannondale) and XXL (Specialized) size and the Crossroads Sport only comes in the titanium color with brown grips, a brown seat and brown pedal accents (which I sorta find hideous).

But the Specialized was maybe a tad more comfortable.

The MSRP of the CX4 is $725 but they're selling the '13 model for $499
The MSRP of the Crossroads Sport is $479 but they're selling it for $449 (and I chewed them down to $429).

Anyway, I'd welcome any thoughts or advice on this.


teicher 11-02-13 06:27 AM

If they both fit you well, get the CX4. Nothing wrong with picking a bike that looks better to you, just means it'll put a smile on your face each time you look at it.

I've ridden a CX4, it's a really nice bike. Strongly considered buying one myself.

Wanderer 11-02-13 08:59 AM

Get the one that trips your trigger, but make sure it fits properly. A few tweaks, or additions, here and there, just might do it for you......................

Often, a few saddle and bar adjustments (or additions) make them the same, fit wise.

MattGiaco 11-02-13 11:09 AM

Thanks, I appreciate the's sorta what I figured. More than anything this whole experience has been major sticker shock!

I'm supposed to pickup the bike today but it's raining and I'll need to ride it home (I drive a Beetle Convertible!).

Ghost Ryder 11-02-13 01:32 PM

Got with the CX4 if you find it more appealing.
The money saved on the Spesh, would go to changing the brown bits anyways.


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