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Oldhead 11-03-13 07:02 AM

Does anyone tuck
I've been messing around lately while out for a ride with resting my forearms on the bars. First time it was due to a good head wind. Well I noticed I picked up 2 mph on my cateye monitor. I really didn't think it made that much of a difference. I almost want to by those handles that look like horns for windier days

blue_cheese 11-03-13 10:23 AM

i tuck in headwinds and downhills

memebag 11-03-13 11:56 AM

From the title I thought this thread was going to be about nads.

Oldhead 11-03-13 01:14 PM

this made me laugh

godeacs 11-03-13 04:08 PM

Gotta be honest, I did too! Now that I understand, have to say a hybrid with straight bars is not conducive to "tucking" at least in my experience.

fietsbob 11-03-13 04:38 PM

Figure 8 bend trekking bars when you reach or the far bend in front, and bend your elbows ,
then you can get the lower torso bent over, posture ..

straight bar controls swap right over.

aubiecat 11-03-13 06:12 PM

This one of the reasons I just purchased a trekking bar. Looking forward to being able to use the bar for comfortable tucking and multiple hand positions.

giantcfr1 11-04-13 05:33 AM

When I'm heading a pace line whilst riding my Hybrid, I simply grip either side of my stem and tuck. Works a treat.

AdelaaR 11-04-13 07:14 AM

I've got aerobars on all of my bicycles ... so yes ... I "tuck" ;)

Bill Kapaun 11-04-13 08:46 AM

I'll "scrunch" on an extended down hill slope. I don't really have hills.

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