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adamglav 11-03-13 05:23 PM

looking for new hybrid
Im in the market for a new hybrid. Willing to spend up to 700 bucks but not against spending 300-400. I do mostly road, few trails, few dirt usually 15miles at a time. Any suggestions would help. Found a couple on BD that i was semi interested in. Need professional feedback thanks.

motobecane elite adventure x5 (heard good things about sram)

Fuji sunfire 2.0

ahmetcan44 11-03-13 05:26 PM

What about v brakes? I don't think someone needs disc brakes on a trekking bike, if not spending all the time on wet and muddy conditions.

adamglav 11-03-13 05:28 PM

honestly doesn't matter to me. I just want to take it to Colorado once a year on trails, not heavy duty mountain biking. I know everyone talks about components so was trying to find something with decent components.

WestPablo 11-04-13 06:51 AM

For 15 miles of mostly loose and rocky gravel, I'd get a 29er ht mtb. For comparably smooth and hard packed dirt, I'd get either the Motobecane Cafe Noir or the Jamis Coda Comp hybrids.

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