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megacoupe 11-03-13 06:35 PM

My Trek 7500 FX was stolen: what are some comparable models?
Despite my warnings, my brother borrowed my old Trek 7500 FX (my spare bike) and used a combination lock to lock it up in NYC! Surprise, surprise: it got stolen.

I got a sweet deal for this bike off Craigslist a couple of years ago and I don't believe I can ever match the bang-for-the-buck I got. It didn't shift into third gear and didn't look sparkly clean, but everything else was perfect. Thin, 28c tires on 24-spoke wheels, great braking and handling, lightweight, etc. In some ways, it was a better ride than my primary bike: a 2010 Trek 7.1 FX.

He asked me how much money he owed me for the bike, but I can't put a value on it (I've looked on's archive, but can't seem to find it). Instead, I'm going to tell him to replace the bike. It's not reasonable to expect him to find the exact same bike, so I was wondering if anyone had suggestions for similar hybrids from Trek or other quality manufacturers: lightweight, solid components, thin wheeled, etc., that will approximate the kind of great ride I got on the 7500 FX.

I'm not expecting a new bike; I'm thinking something used from several years ago (probably Craigslist) that will be close to the 7500 FX. Any suggestions would be helpful.

mrtuttle04 11-03-13 07:47 PM

The 7xxx line was replaced by the Verve line. I think the Verve 4 is the equivalent of the 7500. My froind has a 7300 and except for color they are the same.

jsdavis 11-04-13 11:51 PM

Used bikes, maybe Jamis Coda Elite or Coda Comp, Jamis Allegro Elite or Comp, Cannondale Quick, Gary Fisher Mendota or Utopia

WestPablo 11-05-13 06:11 AM

Save up about $300 and have your brother pay you $125 for his indiscretion. Next, order a GT Zum Commuter bike from Performance :thumb:

Buying used can either be thrifty or very risky business (if you're not bicycle savvy) ;)

Since you're in NYC, a single speed ordered from Bikesdirect might serve you well (just like they do so many other cyclists within your city).

pierce 11-05-13 04:11 PM

living in/around any big city, I'd want the funkiest, ugliest, rat bike possible with absolutely no bling or expensive looking parts on it. if you put new tires on it, use the cheapest generic Chen Sheng or Kenda kinda tires you can find, and rub dirt into them so they look old :D

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