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DJ43 11-18-13 09:06 PM

New Member, New Rider, Pedal Question
Hello all, new member, first post. I purchased a Trek Verve 1 in early September ('13). I'm 41 and had surgery in April, and wanted to get back in shape after putting on a few extra pounds.

After just over two months, the odometer is up to 834 miles. We're fortunate to have a lengthy rail-trail path (Wheeling WV - Wellsburg WV) here and most of those miles have been logged on that path. Most of my rides are from 25 to 50 miles -- depending on how much time and daylight I have to ride (though, with a headlight, I push the daylight issue more often than not). I rode the tread off the stock rear tire (Bontrager H5 700x35), recently replaced it with a Bontrager Hard Case Race Lite (700x32). It was a minor pain to mount -- A LOT easier than mounting a Hoosier race tire, though (that's the other hobby, dirt-track stockcar).

Besides the local trail, I made a two-day out-and-back trip on a portion of the Great Allegheny Passage -- 60 miles from Ohiopyle PA to Frostburg MD and back the next day. Amazing ride, look forward to riding the entire GAP/C&O trail (Pittsburgh to DC).

Question: Looking to go from stock platform pedals to clipless SPD types. Still want to maintain platform functionality, possibly like the "two sided" platform/clipless pedals. Would appreciate any opinions on what pedals/shoes have worked for others without breaking the bank.

Anyway, thanks for the read, thanks in advance for any advice, glad to be here.

fietsbob 11-19-13 12:25 AM

Havent bought any. in a long time.. so the shoes I got are superseded, by a current product.
Go somewhere to try on shoes .. Bike Shops REI , etc.

Shimano Makes a few reversible platform /SPD pedals ,
& Welgo makes lower price take offs on the designs.

those get rebadged , by performance/nashbar , (same company)

giantcfr1 11-20-13 04:21 AM

Personally I didn't like the double sided pedals when I was given them. Having to flip them each time at the lights because of their poor balance helped me decide to give them the flick.

mrtuttle04 11-20-13 05:37 PM

Platform/Clipless pedals
Last summer I bought a Crank Brothers Candy 3 for my Verve 3 and I like it. It is a 2-sided platform/clipless. It is double sided entry and is easy to get in and out of. However, the platform is very small so it does not work well with street shoes. Crank Brothers also has a pedal called Mallet with a larger platform. However, I have not tried it so I do not know how well it works. If you do get a Crank Brothers pedal, I reconmend paying a little extra a level 3 pedal. If you buy a level 1 or 2 pedal, you will end up rebuilding it in a year or two.

A friend of mine bought a Shimano PD-M324 for his Trek 7300. It was a little less expensive than my Cany pedal. One side of the pedal is a platform and the other is a clipless system and it works well with both street and bike shoes. The disadvanage is one-sided entry and it is not as easy to get in and out of. On our first ride wih the pedals, my friend had to stop several times to make adjustments to his pedals.

Being from Pittsburgh, I ride at least a portion of the GAP more than once a week. This summer, I rode from Ohio Pyle to The Point in one day, an 80 mile trip. I also rode the Pan Handle trail a couple times. On one trip, I started in Duquense and rode all the way to Wheeling and back. I hope you enjoy your rides as much as I enjoy mine.

DJ43 11-20-13 09:08 PM

Thanks very much for the replies and the info. I like the idea of the clip-in on both sides of the pedal instead of just one.

@mrtuttle: What route did you take from Weirton to Wellsburg? My rides are usually from Elm Grove into Wheeling, then north to Wellsburg and back. Wondering how simple the ride is from the Panhandle trailhead to Wellsburg ....

Wanderer 11-21-13 08:18 AM

I love my Shimano PDM324 pedals. best of both worlds, and look normal doing it. Very easy to use. Can be bought for $40 or less online. On sale often.

mrtuttle04 11-22-13 07:24 AM

I didn't ride to Wellsberg. I rode from Duquesne PA near Pittsburgh to Weirton on the Pan Handle Trail ( The Weirton end starts at on Colliers Rd near Harmon Creek roda. It East following Harmon Creek. The trail is about 29 miles end-to-end.

Murray Missile 11-22-13 05:12 PM

I tried the double sided SPD/platform pedals and they were "ok" but having to flip them over got to be a little annoying. Not a major pain but............ MY solution was simple, I put regular SPD's on my bike, then I built a "bad weather beater" bike and put Power grips on it so I could ride with regular shoes when I just wanted to run a quick errand. :rolleyes: I know, not practical, but WAIT! It gets worse, build number 3 is on the work stand....... 4 and 5 are in boxes up in the garage rafters awaiting their turn. :o :twitchy:

DJ43 11-24-13 09:13 AM

Thanks much again. Thinking that double sided (clip-ins on both sides) is what I want to try. I like the two bike idea the best. :-D

Sorry @mrtuttle, I thought you had said you rode from Duquensne to Wheeling, must have meant Weirton instead. Route 2 leads from Wellsburg (Heritage Trail / Brooke Pioneer Trail & Yankee Trail end) to Weirton (Panhandle Trail start) but there's a chunk of major highway along the way. I'll have to do some homework on that because eventually I'd like to ride from my doorstep to C&O Trail end in Washington D.C.

mrtuttle04 11-25-13 02:23 PM

I think I did say Wheeling but that was an error on my part. I also would like to ride from door step to DC but there is about eight miles of busy narrow surface streets to the nearest trail head.
For you to go to DC you would have to take the Montour trail ( from Pan Handle to the GAP. I have not ridden it but I hear there are still unfinished portions on the route you would need to take.

Mannas 12-17-13 09:45 PM


Originally Posted by DJ43 (Post 16273632)
Thanks much again. Thinking that double sided (clip-ins on both sides) is what I want to try. I like the two bike idea the best. :-D

I had a pair of Forte Boulevard pedals from Performance Bike on my road bike before. They go for $40 and are dual sided. I plan to pick up another set to put on my new Diamondback Insight hopefully as soon as this weekend. They work well whether I'm just wearing tennis shoes or clip ins. I was very happy with them.

fietsbob 12-18-13 11:04 AM

Forte, is a welgo pedal , as I said.

shoe fit is best done by going to where you can put your foot in the shoe.

China makes a lot of bike shoes for various importers.

SiDi is still in making their shoes in Italy.

note some of the posts about knee Pain,
if the pedal does not let your foot assume its natural angle , that will happen.

Speedplay Frog is a different interface, so your foot angle is able to adjust.

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