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debrent 11-20-13 02:49 PM

Trek DS 8.4 seat question
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OK, so I've ordered my Trek DS 8.4 and though it got pretty solid reviews, it seemed pretty unanimous that the stock seat kind of sucks!

A comfortable seat will keep me on the bike longer and thus, for me at least, this a pretty important component. As such, I'm willing to part with some cash to get a really good one. I searched Amazon for "bike saddles" and sorted the results by customer rating and came across this one which people seemed to like quite a bit:

At $125.00 I realize it's pretty pricey for a seat, but as I said it's a pretty important part of the bike for me. So being a Noob, I just thought I'd put it out there and see what other's opinions were on either this particular seat or one they have found that works for them.

Don B.

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