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Murray Missile 11-27-13 05:31 PM

Miele Toscana 200
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I picked up a NOS 23" Miele Toscana 200 frame cheap, it was advertised as an aluminum Hybrid frame but I can't find much info on it other than it's Canadian. It is a 2011 or 2012 as near as I can tell, has both canti/V-brake bosses and disc mounts and 3 sets of bottle cage bosses, the extra set of cage bosses on the underside of the down tube makes me wonder if it really is a hybrid frame. What I really need to know is if it had a suspension fork or rigid so I get the right rigid fork for it. I've done countless Google and Bing searches and can only find pictures of bare frames for this particular year and model. Anybody have any info or experience with these?

dr1445 11-28-13 05:07 AM

i got a 20" miele toscana 300 frame which came with a fork. the same folks had the dropout for the rear derailleur. the fork that came with the 300 is 368mm axle to crown, but who is to say it is the right fork? i have the bike together but will not get to ride it till next week, it came in a 26 pounds. here is a pic of the 200, from what i have found out these bikes would have the shorter travel forks, maybe 50 to 100mm.

dr1445 11-28-13 05:42 AM

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Murray Missile 11-28-13 08:40 AM

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Thanks dr1445, I have both those pics. I just found a picture of a 2008 Miele Umbria 200 and the basic paint scheme matches my Toscana so I must assume mine is also a 2008. My research indicates that from 2010 through 2012 the Toscana had suspension forks and the Umbria used rigid. Looks like they were entry level bikes, frames are decent but the components were pretty low end. For future "Miele investigator's":

2008 Miele Umbria:

dr1445 12-02-13 01:26 PM

i have my 300 mostly together. most of the parts came from my trek 3700, i had to purchase a bb, front derailleur, couple of cable adjusters, threadless headset, seat post and collar. i had a real struggle getting the deore fd working with the nos biopace crankset, but it is working great now. the roads are wet today so i only put about 1 mile it. meanwhile i have a few details to finish up.

Murray Missile 12-02-13 04:59 PM

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Looks good, the frame geometry looks to be identical. My guess is that the 300 had basically the same frame but got a little better components. Let me know how it rides. I just finished up a K2 Escape that was going to get a full Deore group until I bought the Miele, now those are going on the Miele. The K2t got Acera components instead just to get it on the road, I already had them otherwise it would have got something a bit better. The derailleurs aren't the smoothest I've ever had, hopefully they'll smooth out after a little break in period, other than that it rides pretty nice.

dr1445 12-02-13 05:41 PM

i have one hill were i get into the low 30mph range, that will tell the tale on the fork length. i am waiting to get a dry day to check it out. just riding at 15mph, it handles fine.

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