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TakingMyTime 11-27-13 10:47 PM

Anyone doing a Thanksgiving ride?
It's sort of been a tradition for me for a long time. Although in my younger years I may have taken off for 40 or 50 miles, I think it will probably only be my 12 round trip down to the beach and back.

Nevertheless, ride on Thanksgiving!

SGocka 11-27-13 10:58 PM

Not riding the bike tomorrow but the Wife & I are doing a 5 mile run.

daihard 11-27-13 11:00 PM

I'm in the process of convincing my wife to do a 10-mile ride with me tomorrow. If she doesn't go, I will. :-)

memebag 11-28-13 11:27 AM

Too much cooking and family stuff. Tomorrow we spend the day at the renaissance festival. Maybe Saturday.

daihard 11-28-13 12:38 PM

Ended up doing a pre-turkey 13-mile ride in the morning. It was very pleasant.

Gravity Aided 11-28-13 07:23 PM

Maybe tomorrow, if it gets above freezing. Have to put new tubes and tires on the Electra, thinking white sidewalls. Might look for some wild turkeys, though.

Astrozombie 11-28-13 07:35 PM

I'm thinking of going for the metric century this weekend, would require a loop all the way to Long Beach so I want to make sure I have enough time before it gets dark on me. Just did a 15mi. ride in the burbs.

dr1445 11-29-13 05:02 AM

i did but 10 miles in 30 f weather with high winds. not much fun fighting the wind but i used the dual suspension giant comfort bike with the low low gears.

jsdavis 11-29-13 01:03 PM

I rode to the grocery store to get afew things I like herbs and a pack of celery. I took my road bike though.

daihard 11-29-13 01:04 PM

I rode today again - for about 13 miles. Needed more than that to burn all the excess calories I stored yesterday, but it was raining and getting cold. :)

niuoka 11-29-13 10:08 PM

I went for a 30+- ride on turkey day
don't know exactly..the route is 26 but took some detours

Campincatfish 12-01-13 06:44 PM

I went for a 10.5 mile walk on Turkey Day Morning. Started at 6:30AM and it was COLD, 10degree wind chills! Was great though.

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