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CoastalBiking 11-29-13 07:29 PM

New Bike- chain "popping"
So I just bought a brand new specialized crossroads sport and I am having an issue where when the bike is in the 4th gear it "pops", which makes it feel like it is does when it changes gears. When I say 4th gear I mean the chain is in the fourth ring in the back, it doesn't matter if the front crank is in 1 2 or 3. Is this a bad tuning problem or should I ask for my money back?

TakingMyTime 11-29-13 08:06 PM

Not sure what the problem is but if it's a new bike take it back to where you bought it, have them look at it and fix it if necessary. I don't think you need to escalate this to "my money back".

lopek77 02-22-14 09:47 PM

I have same exact problem on my Specialized Crosstrail. It's happening every few rides and it's scary and very annoying. I have no idea what is causing it, but it feels like a stiff link on the chain. That may explain why it's not happening on every ride. I clean and oil my chain often... I just replaced chain, cassette and derailleur, and I hope this annoying thing will go away lol

Sunsanvil 03-03-14 07:23 AM

I had what sounds like the exact same thing on my 2013 DS. It was JUST infrequent enough that at first the LBS didn't even believe me. So I rode it around with one of their guys riding along side did it once and he said I shifted wrong....then we were almost back to the store and it did it again while we were just pedaling leisurely. "Did you here that?!?" I asked. "yea...something's wrong".

Long story short, it was a wonky cassette, replaced under warranty that same day. Has never happened again since.

Delmarva 03-03-14 11:40 AM

Yes, it's a problem for the dealer to solve.

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