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me010698 12-22-13 02:15 PM

Time to accessorize!
As my other recent postings have come to a conclusion with my purchase of a Specialized Sirrus Elite, what now? While purchasing my bike I picked up a water bottle holster, the Specialized wireless computer and a helmet. I think I want to grab some bar ends (no clue which ones), some sort of mount to keep the bikes locked in place in the back of my truck (any suggestions?) and a WalkyDog (terribly named product).

What else should I look into picking up to go with my new toy?

canadiandude 12-22-13 06:07 PM

Just throwing things out there that I've purchased for my BMC AC01 Alpenchallenge.... a good light set, mirror?, clipless pedal system if you don't already use it, gloves, glasses, riding bib or shorts, a tool kit with spare tube and puncture kit and a bag (mounted front or back) to keep essentials in, fenders if you like going that route, rear rack if necessary. That's my list albeit I may have forgotten something. ;)

memebag 12-22-13 08:10 PM

You will know what you need when you need it. I wouldn't buy anything until I felt its absence.

HillRiderEast 12-23-13 04:34 AM

rear lights (needed to feel safer on return home trips with sun going down)was my first purchase after the water bottle cages. I then added a front head light (got caught out later than I planned and decided I should have the light if this came up again) Just bought a topeak rear rack and trunk bag (go tired of the back pack) I think my next purchase will be a bell (for the bike trail)

fietsbob 12-23-13 01:36 PM

IMHO, a figure 8 bend, Trekking bar is a better choice than adding straight bar-ends , although

Ergon GR5, a combination Comfort grip and integrated bar end, 1 bolt fixed and adjustable.. are quite nice.

Italia1970 12-23-13 07:22 PM


Triaxtremec 12-23-13 10:20 PM

I would just get a nice set of front and rear lights to make sure you are seen. I like to have a small multi tool on my for quick adjustments if necessary.

cbr9927 12-24-13 12:47 AM

Ergon GR5 was the 1st thing I got for my bike, worth every cent and how it relieves some back pain since you get to move your shoulder position higher if you want. Oh yeah, those awful stock pedals had to go too for something halfway decent.

e0richt 12-31-13 10:28 PM


Originally Posted by memebag (Post 16352193)
You will know what you need when you need it. I wouldn't buy anything until I felt its absence.

I agree with this. I have a bunch of crap that I bought thinking it might be needed and found most of it to be a pain to put on, find its not really needed and then having to take it off again...

what do I have on the bike?

+ toe clips (I prefer them to clipless and now just platform feels weird to me now as well)
+ a Bell handlebar bag that I got from walmart (best bag for the money around 10 bucks)
- which contains: 2 tubes, patch kit, tire levers, chain tool, multi tool (bell)
- my wallet, keys, and cell phone
- and it has some room to spare....

+ a Bell cycle computer that I got from walmart (best computer for the money, it cost me 10 bucks)
+ cree 1200 lumen light with rechargeable battery (great buy off of amazon for $20)
+ because I use the bike for commuting, I need something to carry stuff:
- avenir seatpost rack
- planet bike day trekker panniers
- roswheel trunk bag
- as a side note, a simpler setup would be a rack with a wald basket and backpack...
+ road morph tire pump
+ 2 water bottle cages
+ some generic blinking tail light (got from walmart, it has multiple blinking modes)

NoviceJohn 01-01-14 12:32 AM

I don't know whether you have a pick-up or SUV, but I have a mount (on my pick-up truck) very similar to this

It doesn't have a security lock to prevent theft but it holds very well. The only thing is you have to be creative depending on the type of pick-up you have. I have a Tacoma where it came with rails on the perimeter of the bed for tie downs. I bought my mount from a LBS and they gave me tips on how to install them on my truck. The mount is very secured. I drove 300+ miles (going 80+ mph) on it to my brother's place and the bike never moved.

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