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dezzie 12-24-13 07:48 PM

20 inch wheel mountainbike/ mini velo bike?
Hi, I was wondering if I could pick some brains, last few days I have been looking at mini velos/ cannondale hooligans etc, love the look, but the riding position would kill my arthritic joints, I currently have a trek 6700 series, an electra cruiser which is the most comfortable bike ever and also just bought an old dahon foldy bike to restore, now after discussing these velo/mini bikes to buddies, they all love them too, we came to talk about what would ideally be a great bike but I don't think anyone makes, a really beefy maybe full suspension bike but with 20 inch wheels or a bmx with multiple gears fitted, a hybrid if you will, strong enough to take a 250lb rider without snapping, be able to switch between thin road wheels for racing round the suburbs and maybe knobbly tyres for off roading, any suggestions? my mate reckons he has though about this for a while and reckons he may buy a full suspension cannondale, remove the wheels and get 20s relaced onto the original hub/gear combo, with the rear of the bike being higher it possibly wont be to low to the ground to affect the pedals, rear derrailieur etc, someone point me in the right direction, I think a multiple geared bmx would be ideal for my needs but would have to look the business as well!:twitchy:

fietsbob 12-24-13 09:05 PM

they have an export dealer in UK to work through on the Many Custom Options with You.

there's 3

You probably need a Bike with Disc Brakes for the 451 & 406 wheel swap option,
since rim brakes need 4 bosses.
and they need be removable, so rather a complicated affair..

tim24k 12-25-13 04:08 PM

Dahon made one called the Smooth Hound. I own one. The early one didn't fold and didn't come with fenders, that is the one you want. It had front suspension. Very nice bike to bad they no longer make it. A lot of things changed when his son and wife left the company to start their own company called Tern.

dynaryder 12-26-13 05:34 PM

Have you test ridden a Hooligan? I'm 6' and fit on them just fine(own 2). If I raised the stems all the way up,I'd be decently upright.

A full suspension,geared BMX bike would have to be a complete custom build. A Hooligan could take a suspension fork,if you could deal with a hardtail.

cbr9927 12-26-13 09:40 PM

I just ordered a Hooligan and was told it will take to March to get it. It seems like the perfect bike for someone who wants to avoid busy roads and ride the horrible broken sidewalks where I live. In fact part of me thinks I will not be riding the Giant Escape much when it arrives.

dezzie 12-28-13 01:20 PM

I like the hooli, looked at one the other day, silly price for what ya get in the UK, 750 pounds is ridiculous considering its the base model which is almost half that to buy in the states, but its pretty much what I am after but would need to make the seat comfy and the bars a lot higher than standard otherwise it would end up another expensive shed ornament like my trek 6700.

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