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Jmgallag 12-26-13 01:29 PM

Biking Newbie question about hybrid bikes
Hi Everyone
This is my first post. I bought a Columbia Northway FE two years ago. Just for an occasional ride, and to give my knees a break from running. After riding a lot more this past year, I am looking to transition to riding a lot more and running less. At 53 my legs have a lot of miles on them. It is obvious that the Columbia has some short comings. I live in a hilly area and looking to stick with a hybrid as I can also do some light trail riding. I am 6'1" 220, so not a light weight. I have looked at the diamondback Edgewood and it seems like it is a quality bike that would hold up well. Also see that Trek also has some very good bikes. Any input/advise would be greatly appreciated.

fietsbob 12-26-13 04:54 PM

Lots of brands are getting a similar bike made.

Our LBS is a Trek Dealer , the Frames continue to be guaranteed for the original owner's life,

Components fitted are separate warrantees , typically a year..

Diamond Back IDK a number of 80s brand names were Sold,

and the new owners of the brand name are different, contracting Importers.

If you have shops selling other brands , the owners of those will, next, say they are better, because they own one.

I'm Impartial.. for now..

Jmgallag 12-26-13 05:48 PM

Thanks for your reply. From what I can tell from reading lots of posts. Many brands use the same frame and the Diamondback Edgewood uses the same parts as bikes costing a lot more just my observation as a novice again any opinion/advise is greatly appreciated

Wanderer 12-26-13 09:26 PM

Nothing wrong with Diamondback ....... Ride and decide...ll.

Astrozombie 12-26-13 09:34 PM

The Insight comes without the Front Suspension....but then again it's about $150 more.

Yep looking at it again i see a lot of annoying things that I would end up changing: Megarange (the jump from 1st to 2nd is pretty wide when pedaling) , suspension seatpost (the cheap ones aren't even worth it they say), 40mm tires (about 1.5'') i've gotten more used to the zippier ride of 32mm (1.25'') but if you take it on the trails I guess thicker would be better.

The Gravity Flat bar at Bikesdirect is $320 with none of those problems (though the Shimano Front Derailleur might be smoother on the Diamondback)

Jmgallag 12-27-13 09:25 AM

Hi Everyone
after reading your replies and a lot more posts, I realize that I will look at and ride a lot more bikes than I originally thought. So I will be looking in both big chain sporting goods stores and also LBS to find the bike that fits me and has the features I am looking for. I just wanted to say thanks for the replies and input. Time to go bike shopping

Jmgallag 12-27-13 06:06 PM

After looking at a few bikes at some chain stores and again reading a lot more posts I have come to the following conclusions. I think it is best to purchase from a LBS for a few reasons. The LBS will work with you to find the bike that suites your riding needs. In addition they will fit and adjust the bike to fit to you. They will typically offer tuneups for free for a certain period of time. Even though I am very mechanically inclined if I get stumped, knowing the LBS knows their brand can fix what I can't figure out. Any thoughts on this from the forum.

Wanderer 12-27-13 09:51 PM

You are well on your way to figuring it out. Good hunting, and let us know, as you progress

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