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mkramer 01-03-14 07:59 PM

First Bike!!!
My wife and I are interested in getting bikes. We would like to spend 500 or less. We are looking at Hybrids because we would like to be able to ride on some trails in the area. We live near Valley Forge. My wife will be training for a century ride in the early summer, but I will just be riding to get in shape and have fun. We are looking for a local bike shop and what bike to get.

Any ideas are helpful! Thanks!

treadtread 01-03-14 08:58 PM

What do local bike shops in your area stock? Most bikes at that price are similar, so get the one you feel most comfortable on. The big question is - do you need a front shock absorber or not? Not is better, since good shocks are expensive. The LBS will be able to advise there, since they know the trails you will ride on.

side_FX 01-03-14 09:37 PM

You are lucky to have a real nice local chain in your area. The name is Bike Line. There are probably 3 or 4 within a half hour of your location, with one right at Valley Forge. They are mainly Trek, with some Scott and Specialized at certain locations. The VF location in particular has some helpful peeps. It's a good place to start and tell them what you are looking for. Good luck and keep ridin!

hey_javi 01-04-14 12:41 AM

just got my first hybrid from and I really like it! got a Diamondback Insight 1, great price on it too.

mystang52 01-04-14 09:59 AM

Picking a bike is such an individual thing due to proper fit, comfort and the features you may be looking for. So, with that caveat I suggest checking out the Trek 7.1 FX. Approx $450 and FWIW my wife loves it. For that matter, if I ever need to replace my hybrid I will strongly consider that same bike for me.

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