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Axiom 04-06-14 04:03 PM

New Diamondback
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This section seemed like a more appropriate place to post this.

It's pretty hot. Looks like Diamondback has been dishing out some really nice bikes lately. I've been a fan of the Giant Escape RX series, and owned a few Trek FX's, but this thing is equipped much better than the latter, and, it's a bit cheaper. The only thing I'd change is the saddle and swap the crankset for 105.

DowneasTTer 04-06-14 04:20 PM

Yes this looks like a winner:thumb: Even has rack mounts and the same drive train as my stock Giant RX Composite (I've since swapped to 105s). I don't think it is available yet as Performance lists shipping starting May 15th. But you can read a blog entry here:Diamondback Interval Carbon Flat Bar Road Bike | The Performance Bicycle Blog

jbchybridrider 04-06-14 07:00 PM

It sure does look good. I like how the frame and fork integrate with each other. I would change the group bars and stem and seat.

themishmosh 04-06-14 07:21 PM

Very well put together bike. I think major components are on point leaving personalization to the seat/pedals/grip. For the money... WOW.

Wanderer 04-07-14 07:34 AM

Hmmmmmmm, wonder how well I could hide that Diamondback, or Giant, CF????????????? They are both gorgeous bikes.

Ghostknife 09-05-14 01:31 PM

To revive the thread, I just bought one and will be picking it up Monday!

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