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street_sweeper 04-07-14 08:44 PM

Schwinn tourist (keep or flip?)
I picked up a Schwinn tourist over the weekend w/ another department store bike for $120. I am kind of kicking myself because i bought them without looking them over and off crappy pics.

Issue: The tourist is missing the front derailleur, front brake, and combo lever that they used. The fork also had the cantilever mounts removed...

so my predicament is i can sell the bike as is for probably $75-100 and let someone else deal with it (which unfortunately would mean unloading it on someone that probably doesn't know what they are getting themselves into).

Or the other options i've thought of (looking for cost of investment vs return):

- i convert it to a 1x8 speed and throw a long reach side pull on the front (I do live in a very flat area so a 24 speed isnt a necessity on a hybrid imo)
- get another front derailleur, a side pull for the front and either get separate shifter and lever or run a combo lever

last option which would be if i were to keep since it seems like it would be a decent rain bike/commuter

- get a new hybrid fork, v brake, front derailleur, combo lever, stem, bars and grips.

i should be able to sell the other bike for $80-100 so even at $75 id be making money.

street_sweeper 04-20-14 09:07 PM

well i was able to sell the other bike for $120. I actually rode the Schwinn, realized it is a piece of crap like i should have known, so i ordered a new front derailleur and left side shifter/brake lever, debating on if im gonna try and make a vbrake plate for a bmx bike work. planning on selling the tourist in full working order hopefully doubling the money i put into it.

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