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B2mac 04-09-14 10:04 AM

Best helmet to protect head and block sun
I am 60 years old and have never worn a helmet. I have had 3 melanoma surgeries the last 2 years so protecting my skin from the sun is a priority. I wear a floppy cap to protect myself. I realize I need to be wearing a helmet. My hair is thinning on top. I am concerned that if I just wear a helmet I will get sunburnt on the top of my head. A type of skull cap may be an option for this but I'm a little concerned about it getting too hot. I also have very light sensitive eyes and even with sunglasses I need a visor. Does anyone have any good ideas on how I can protect my head and eyes? Perhaps there are some specialty products out there or maybe someone has been very innovative. I appreciate your thoughts. Thanks

10 Wheels 04-09-14 10:13 AM

Bern Duty Helmet

MRT2 04-09-14 11:15 AM

That Bern helmet looks like it would be OK in cool weather, but maybe not in summer heat.

I would think in summer, you might want to wear a warm weather cycling cap or bandana under a standard road or mountain helmet.

dynaryder 04-09-14 04:59 PM

They actually make head covers with 'tails' to cover the back of your neck. Here's one example: Halo Solar Headwear, White: Sports & Outdoors

You could also just add a bandanna or piece of old t-shirt to the back of a cycling cap.

giantcfr1 04-09-14 05:12 PM

I always wear a cycling cap under mine but that won't protect your ears so much so remember to apply sunscreen to them and the back of your neck, and you're good to go.

no1mad 04-09-14 05:20 PM

Another option would be to invest in some good lights and ride at night. Riding in the upper 70s to mid 80s beats riding in triple digits.

sfrank 04-11-14 03:43 AM

I had melanoma surgery a little over two years ago and my dermatologist recommended buying a neck gaiter to protect my ears and neck. It can also be pulled up over your head to protect the top of your head. I found the neck gaiter at a local Sports Authority.

B2mac 04-11-14 06:23 AM

Thanks everyone for all the ideas. I will check them out.

fietsbob 04-11-14 11:38 AM

there was an add on ten-gallon hat sized brim to surround your helmet .. ACA the touring folks had them FS.

cotton cycling caps under the helmet has long been the solution for ' the wrap over forehead.'

used by pros such as this fellow (now a coach, team director) Bjarne Riis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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