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gator2003 04-14-14 02:11 PM

Re-entering the bike world
So I have a Kona Hahanna from 1998. Did well for riding to class and trail riding. Then over the years I had it serviced a few times but never really got back into it. Tried to ride it to the beach and realized how much it sucks riding a mountain bike on the road, even with slicks.

Just bought a Trek 7.2 fx after reading threads on here and few other places (including the Sweethome review). Looking for recommendations on initial equipment. And a nice bike rack that is easily detachable and fits on a sedan. I'm mostly going to be riding this on the street and the hard sand on the beach. Going to get a water bottle holder, rear mud guard, and pouch of some sort. So I'm looking for recommendations on those (if it matters) and anything else. I'll probably keep the seat unless it's just way too uncomfortable.


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