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Mattyb13 04-18-14 07:30 AM

Great women's hybrid for $700 ish.
Helping my fiancÚ' search for a bike. Her commute will be a hefty 18-20 miles one way. She really wants a hybrid to be able to do some light trail or dirt road riding on the weekends. Her budget is roughly $700.00. She has been leaning towards the Specialized Ariel Sport Disc. I am wondering if there are any others she should be considering. I want her to get the best bike she can for her budget so that she has the most dependable components while out on her long commute.
Specialized Ariel Sport Disc?
Trek Neko?
Any others? She is in the process of test riding but there are so many options and bikes that it is easy to get overwhelmed. Opinions from the experts on this forum are appreciated.

Wanderer 04-18-14 07:47 AM

If she doesn't really need suspension, consider the women's version of the Sirrus - a great bike at sport/disc level.

Wanderer 04-18-14 07:48 AM

Giant also makes great bikes, at usually good prices.

giantcfr1 04-18-14 08:00 AM

I'm going to be castigated for this but here goes...
40 mile round trip (5 days a week?)., but ride a some trails on the weekend.
The priority here is her getting to work in all weather conditions and as fast as possible, and not trail riding. I would suggest instead of a hybrid, a bike more suited to commuting / touring long distances, which can take maybe up to 32mm tyres.
I don't think going down the new path is a good option, rather, looking for a slightly used bike, with good level parts.
Down the track with the money she has saved in transport costs, buy another bike.

WestPablo 04-18-14 08:02 AM

If her commute is mainly on flat terrain, then I would suggest a really nice single speed. Something new with a chromoly steel frame for a single speed would be advisable.

I personally like Felt Broughams and Schwinn Madisons :D

OTOH, if her commute includes many small hills or strong winds, I'd first suggest the Giant Via 1 W @ $600.

Otherwise, either the Specialized Sirrus, Vita, or Trek 7.3FX, should do just fine!

Avoid the suspended fork on the Ariel...

spdracr39 04-18-14 10:15 AM

We like the trek fx series.

Imabmwnut 04-18-14 12:45 PM

We bought Giant Hybrids. I bought the Roam 3 and My wife bought the Rove 3. They have a fork that can be locked for road use and unlocked for trail use. Giant makes good bikes from what I hear from people that have been riding for some time. We are new to the biking thing so all I know is what my experience has been so far. We like what we bought and we have a good bunch of folks at our local bike shop. Instead of looking at prices look at components.

rumrunn6 04-18-14 02:00 PM


Originally Posted by spdracr39 (Post 16682495)
We like the trek fx series.

us too.

Wanderer 04-18-14 02:18 PM

If she really wants suspension, do not be afraid of the Ariel front suspension....... they work well, and for a long time.

WestPablo 04-19-14 08:56 AM

Checkout the Jamis Coda too! :thumb:

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