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jterp 04-18-14 07:37 PM

Good Hybrid with disc brakes for around $800 or less
I am looking for a good hybrid bicycle, I am not ready for a full on race bike but want to do a good amount of miles for fitness. So far I have found these two bikes but I don't know enough about bikes to tell what has better equipment and stuff. Any advise on these two or any other recommendations??

Bad Boy 9 - RECREATION & URBAN - BIKES - 2014

Camaleonte Due Disc | Bianchi USA

raqball 04-18-14 07:53 PM

Both are pretty similar and have entry level components..

Another bike to look at in this range is the Specialized Sirrus Sport Disc..

Specialized Bicycle Components


Trek 7.2 FX Disc

Between the 2 I listed, I'd go with the Sirrus...

My .02

Wanderer 04-19-14 07:45 AM

You really have to ride them all, then decide which one fits you best...................

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