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mrbelvetron 04-19-14 02:04 AM

Potential Specialized Sirrus buy but don't know the model.
My wife and I have just started researching and looking for bikes for the usual reasons, excercise, fun, and to keep up with our 4 year old who just graduated from a trike to a Trek Mystic 12.

I've ridden several different bikes and have settled on a hybrid-style for me. Since the budget is always a consideration we've been looking at bikes in the $500 range new at the LBS. I have kept my eye on craigslist as well.

The other day I stopped in at a local pawn shop and found a Specialized Sirrus. They didn't know the model or have it listed on the tag and when I started doing more research I saw several models that could be it, based on appearance alone.

It's was obviously purchased at a bicycles inc. and I was thinking I could get the serial number and they could probably look it up but I was hoping I could post a few pics and get the experts on here to chime in. The photos I got weren't great but I can get more if need be.

The pawn shop has it stickered at $299 but I'm sure I can get that way down. There didn't seem to be anything obviously wrong with it and I didn't see any rusted or broken components. They have a 30 day return policy for bikes so I'd be able to have it checked out at the LBS.

Wanderer 04-19-14 07:47 AM

Buy it before it's gone!!!!!!!

Wanderer 04-19-14 11:22 AM

Did you buy it yet?????? If it fits ?????

mrbelvetron 04-19-14 11:31 AM

Not yet! I work nights and just groggily woke up to check here for replies!

Are you saying they have a good price on it as is? Still gonna talk em down!

Gotta get up and going so I can check the fit.

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