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justaguest 04-20-14 01:07 PM

Specialized Sirrus vs Crossroads [light upright urban bike]
I am trying to choose an upright light city bike for daily usage. I really like Specialized Crossroads, judging by its look Specialized Bicycle Components

However, I've noticed that it is much much less popular than Sirrus, so I am curious why it is the fact and whether I need to reconsider my preference towards Crossroads.

Also, do you think it is possible / make any sense to isntall Crossroads type of handlebars to a higher-end Sirrus, such as Sirrus Comp for example.

Thanks a lot for your opinions!

badger1 04-20-14 01:24 PM

Have you ridden both, preferably in the conditions you would normally experience? That will tell you pretty quickly which you prefer - they are quite different bikes.

As to bars, both have 'flat bars' of one kind or another. Yes, you can put whatever variation on 'flat bar' (flat, riser, swept, North Road, etc) you want on either. Matter of personal preference.

Wanderer 04-20-14 01:59 PM

I've yet to get tot my LBS to measure ---- but a Sirrus with wider tires, would be a lighter, quicker, faster Crossroads........... with disc brakes! A Sirrus Sport Disc, with35 or 40s.............................. MMMMMMMMMMM

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