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phobovien 04-20-14 11:56 PM

Specialized Crosstrail vs Orbea Sport
I am looking for a hybrid bike and I was hesitant to buy the 2014 Specialized Crosstrail disc since I wanted the 2013 version that came in white instead of the ugly 2014 black. I know its a bit superficial but I am a fan of white bikes and I've looked everywhere for the 2013 and came up short. I researched more brands and came across Orbea offering their hybrid sport 29 10:

Sport 29 10 ? Orbea

It has a pretty decent price and looks really clean. Does anyone have any experience with this bike? Would it be comparable to the Crosstrail? Any other suggestions?

giantcfr1 04-21-14 03:11 AM

Man, I hate ugly black bikes too. That Orbea looks so clean, but I'm worried it will get dirty if you take it off the bitument or ride on rainy days and I'm not sure about that Orbea brand having any experience with Hybrid expertise. If it was me, I'd look for a brown bike so you can't see the dirt and it'll look clean all the time. Have you looked at Treks,as they have great bikes. Usually people compare them to Specialized on here so they both must be great. ;) ;)

SHOFINE 04-21-14 06:38 AM

Here you go if in the US!

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