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cormacf 04-10-20 09:12 AM

Anyone else Zwifting on fixed gears?
Since COVID has delayed (and maybe ended) track season, I put the track bike on the trainer so I could prep the road bike for real rides. I then did my daily "Fake morning commute" 10-mile ride on Zwift, and it was a really surprising difference.

First, it seemed MUCH easier to maintain a higher average power output (my estimated FTP rose 25% from 2 days ago, so that wasn't all me). I'm guessing that's attributed t (in order):
  • No power lost because of chainline angle
  • No power lost shifting
  • Me just generally feeling groovy and digging it
  • No power lost freewheeling / coasting for seconds here and there
  • Less shifting around (Because my track bike has no hoods)?
My gearing was 48/15, since that's what everyone at our track is required to ride until Cat3. That was absolutely fine, with plenty of room past what I was capable of sustaining, though I wasn't going to catch that 800w achievement on it--at least not on the flats. :)

Now this was all on a remarkably flat course. I imagine on hills (unless I turn on ERG mode), it's going to be a very, very different beast. SUPER-fun so far.

Eric F 04-10-20 10:02 AM

If the gear is appropriate for the terrain, it should be no problem.

colnago62 04-24-20 11:09 PM

I have been riding my track bike on Zwift for a few years now. I slide the difficulty feature to the off position so it is basically like riding a flat road; the resistance doesn’t vary based on elevation. Fixed gear bikes are more efficient than bikes with multiple gearing.

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