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gkamieneski 02-16-21 02:18 PM

Which Apps Connect to Third Party Sensors
I have noticed that Strava and MapMyRIde have discontinued connectivity to external sensors (BLE), with the exception of accepted heart rate monitors. Are there any remaining apps that allow you to connect to external cadence and/or speed sensors? The Cateye Cycling app is the only one which seems to.

surak 02-16-21 03:08 PM

Wahoo Fitness.

gkamieneski 02-16-21 03:26 PM

Originally Posted by surak (Post 21926930)
Wahoo Fitness.

Thanks, Surak,

I believe you are correct. Wahoo Fitness seems a lot like the Cateye Cycling app.

Now if I can only find an app like this that runs solely on an Apple Watch.

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