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alpharalpha 04-01-22 12:58 PM

What's the best trainer to attach to bike for realistic feel?
I'm looking at setting up a dedicated indoor trainer so removing rear wheel etc isn't an issue; most important is fluid feel like riding outdoors,

spelger 04-01-22 01:20 PM

i'm using a wahoo kicker, it is good. but, as with any trainer, if the data in is crap then the feeling will be crap too. i am using rouvy now and most of the rides are really nice, very out doors like feeling. i have ridden one route though that was absolute crap. for instance, in one part i was climbing a 4.5% grade then the next second i was going down 4.5%. fortunately most rides are not like that.

probably any of the smart trainers out there will fit the bill.

oldwinger14 04-02-22 12:10 PM

Wahoo Kickr Core with an Orbea Avant permanently mounted and paired with Rouvy works for me.

tempocyclist 04-03-22 12:27 AM

Wahoo KICKR or Tacx NEO. Both will give a good ride feel and overall experience. Both are accurate, fairly quiet and well built.

The one thing the NEO does have over the KICKR is road feel, if the software you're using supports it, the trainer is able to replicate certain road surface feels.

dmanthree 04-03-22 05:46 PM

It's personal preference, but I like the Neo 2T. Accurate, will provide "feedback" for the road surface, and allows freewheeling descents. Just an excellent trainer.

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