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Barry2 05-03-22 01:01 PM

BreakAway: Indoor Training (HR controlled ERG)
I've just been made aware of an IOS App that will control the resistance of a Trainer in order to maintain a given Heart Rate (HR).
I've been looking for one of these for some time.

BreakAway: Indoor Trainer for iPad/iPhone.

I'm wondering if anyone is using this already?

Gave it a quick try and had issues.
It did find my Wahoo Kickr Bike and Tickr X HRM using Low Energy Blue Tooth.
I was able to start a workout in HR mode.
The App displayed my HR, Cadence, and Power, but I could not find the Target HR displayed in the App????



PS: App seems to be free... But it actually runs on "Medals" which you obtain via purchase or watching adverts.
This whole "Medals" for use system is a bit cloudy to say least. There are no details of how that will function.
Currently you can purchase 1000 Medals for $0.99 but there are zero details of how fast the App consumes these Medals, or even an outstanding balance.
Personally, I'd rather just purchase (assuming it works) the App outright, rather than this potentially bait & switch Medals process.

PeteHski 05-05-22 08:49 AM

Given that this would only be of any use for longer intervals, it's not difficult to adjust the power target to hit a specifc HR. I do that quite often for endurance sessions. As it happens I do also have access to a bike trainer that can target HR too, but it doesn't work too well in practice because of the inevitable HR lag. So I use normal power ERG mode on that bike anyway.

Barry2 05-05-22 10:27 PM

I sorted out my original issues with the app and took it for a ride.
it does just what it claims.
It brought the power up slow and let me warm up, then held my selected HR automagically.


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