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fotrik 05-29-22 01:39 AM

How to connect a "dumb" trainer with the Tacx Training App?
I have a „dumb“ trainer (Acra BC51). Can I record my rides to the Tacx Training App?

I have found recommendations to connect speed/cadence sensors. However, this is a very general advice and I don't know what to do. How do I know that a sensor is compatible? Also, most sensors ask for the size of my wheel but my trainer has no wheels - so what should I do?

tempocyclist 05-29-22 06:16 PM

It's likely you will not be able to connect that trainer to the Tacx Training app or other third-party training apps.

Your machine looks like a fairly basic spin bike without the ability to broadcast any signals.

To use speed sensor you need a wheel to attach them to, they're designed for bikes and wheel-on trainer setups. If you can access the flywheel, you might be able to bodge something up.

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