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unterhausen 06-02-22 02:27 PM

if a zwift update fails
is there a fix? A message box popped up saying the patch failed and would I like to start anyway.
One edit: it doesn't let me ride if the update didn't complete so I uninstalled and now the reinstall is going excruciatingly slowly. I would do a workout on trainerroad, but I haven't used that in a while and it might kill me if I had to go through this nonsense on two software packages in one day.

Oh, and while looking around for solutions, I found out they don't let you change your height and weight in-race any more. So I'm permanently a one meter tall, 40kg person now, apparently

unterhausen 06-02-22 02:54 PM

Apparently they will just blindly try to apply a patch without checking it. This is reading between the lines on their forums. Hopefully I got a good download this time.

I just got an answer from a zwift ambassador (is that a volunteer?) and was told to delete and reinstall. The good news is now everything is going to be a personal best! Because I failed to copy their local data.
They also said they are working on making the "remember me" login work when they update

unterhausen 06-02-22 05:04 PM

I should do this more often. It started up much faster than normal.

spelger 06-03-22 01:19 PM

this is something i don't miss about zwift. forced updates are so...

unterhausen 06-08-22 11:44 AM

yeah, it's annoying. Especially when I'm not using it very often, so every ride I get to wade through their defective update system.

And now they just announced a major update since I started this thread.

blacknbluebikes 06-08-22 12:03 PM

About a third of my firm's updates are driven by cyber security. Another third are driven by required software updates within the tech stack componentry. Like never before, it's tough to keep apps alive in the wild. "Oh, you have to have that via the internet. OK." "Oh, you use what browser?" "Oh, you want it on Windows/Mac/IOS/Android?" "And what the hell is Apple TV again???" These days, you can't have a lot of complexity without a lot of frequent upgrades. "Yeah, well I just care about *my* platform..." Snicker.

unterhausen 06-08-22 02:23 PM

I always assumed that at least some of those updates were for security, which I understand. However, they could make it so their update system works on windows. They may have the worst progress bar in the industry, which is saying something.

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