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CaptMike 08-04-22 04:31 PM

Tacx Neo 2 Motion Plates
I am looking at getting a rocker plate to use with my Neo 2. One of the knocks on the rocker plates is the unnatural side to side motion. Given that the Neo 2 does move side to side (I don't know what the combination of two would be like), would the addition of the Garmin Motion Plates come anywhere near the motion you would get with a full size rocker plate? Anyone have experience with the Garmin Motion Plates? 300 bucks looks a little ridiculous for what you get, unless they do the job. It is tough for me to spend more than an hour on the trainer, even with getting out of the saddle regularly, and I want to ramp it up next winter. Thank you all.

Jose R 08-13-22 06:51 AM

I bought the Neo Motion Plates for my Neo 2T. Personally, they should come standard for any new purchase of the Neo 2T. I purchased them from an online retailer with several discounts and earned credits, which brought the price down closer to $200.

So, if you have one of Neo trainers, I would highly recommend getting the plates, but look for sales discounts. Paying full retail for what amounts to two pieces of plastic is not something I was willing to do. So, I waited after the release, and looked for the sale.

The best thing about the Motion Plates is they do not take up additional space. And they provide enough fore aft motion, in combination with the slight side to side motion, to simulate road riding. Note that this setup is best suited for tempo riding sessions. I don't think they would work well if you are a track sprinter and are doing 10s interval sprints at 2000 watts.

CaptMike 08-13-22 06:57 AM

Thank you, Jose. For me itís about being able to stay on the trainer longer, and get some kind of body/butt movement. I am certainly no track sprinter. And, 300 is a lot of money. I will look for the deals. You convinced me to get a set. Safe riding.

tempocyclist 08-14-22 01:18 AM

They look like a useful addition, but at a price which doesn't seem like value for money! If the price were to come down a bit, or they went on sale, I'd certainly consider a set.

A good move from Tacx would be to have the next generation of NEO to incorporate the rockers as standard.

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