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IBJoel 01-14-20 12:53 PM

NEW! The Thickest Most Comfortable Bar Tape EVER (Plus the Thinnest!)

The Ultimate Cushion, Support, AND Grip!

Today we are launching the world's most comfortable bar tape: NASTRO CUSCINO (ku-SEE-no = cushion) which measures in at 3.75mm thick. Through the use of the world's most efficient foam, CUSCINO has cushioning equivalent to 5mm of traditional foam. Exclusive Tri-Laminate design utilizes materials and design borrowed from the famous 2 Hour Marathon shoes, laminating a high efficiency foam, to a high grip, hydrophobic TPU film and a thin damping ply to achieve ultimate comfort and control. Learn more about the entire NASTRO Bar Tape line.

Improved: Comfort, Control, Responsiveness

Perfect for Cross, Gravel AND Indoor!

“The CUSCINO was my secret weapon at the European World Cup; racing on muddy, bumpy, and fast conditions! I liked the added thickness, but still had the grip of the NASTRO FIORE...seriously love the tape.”

Raylyn Nuss, pro CX


Specifically designed and customizable for your integrated handlebar or aero extension needs. NASTRO AERO are 1mm thick grippers that optimize wet/dry grasp while adding minimal frontal area.

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