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DogsPullMyBike 05-15-15 11:12 AM

Cycling since 1964, why stop?
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I spent countless hours in and around small town Missouri riding all kinds of bikes. Great memories of riding wheelies down Main Street in Farley, MO on a 'buzz bike' with the high handlebars. My uncle gave me a French 10-speed as a HS graduation present, similar to the one pictured here. I loved tennis, and there were no courts in Farley, so I'd hop on the bike and ride to Weston or Platte City or Leavenworth - play tennis for 3-4 hours, and ride back home. Lots of straight flat highway, but the last 4-5 miles going to Weston had some huge hills, the bike was incredible for that era.

Once I moved to California and became a homeowner, I would leash up my black lab Duke and we'd do a mile ride at least 4-5 times every week. He was the best athlete I've ever known. I still today work with lots of dogs, and have loved bicycling with many.

I watch lots of pro cycling whenever it's on, especially the TDF, Giro, and Tour of California. The riders are amazing, and the fabulous HD helicopter shots of beautiful villages and nature are fantastic.

Happy riding everyone - cheers!

obed7 05-15-15 11:23 AM

welcome to the forum.

Carbon Unit 05-15-15 11:27 AM

Clean bike. What is it? Welcome to the forum.

10 Wheels 05-15-15 03:00 PM

Hey Dave,

Welcome to Bike Forums.

wvridgerider 05-15-15 03:11 PM

Been biking almost as long as i have been on the planet, since 1962.

cb400bill 05-15-15 06:05 PM

Welcome to Bike Forums.

Looks like its a Motobecane.

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