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iconyc 05-17-15 06:45 AM

Hi from a Welshy in New York
Hello there.
I am a woman in my early forties, just getting back into cycling - yikes!
I used to cycle to and from work a fair bit years ago when I lived in Manchester in the UK, one very flat city!

These days I live in Orange County, New York, not quite so flat lol. Anyway, I have wanted to start cycling again for a while, and now I have, just got back on a bike 2 weeks ago, been out on a few short rides so far. I just want to get a bit fitter, and to see the countryside around here and cycle into our local town.

I look forward to hanging out in the forums and reading and learing a lot!

10 Wheels 05-17-15 06:48 AM

Hey iconyc,

Welcome to Bike Forums from Texas.

Did you get a bike with many gears for the hills?

cb400bill 05-17-15 07:50 AM

Welcome to Bike Forums!

obed7 05-18-15 07:26 AM

welcome to the forum

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