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Freki 05-17-15 09:43 PM

Heya from Hampton Roads!
Hey there!

My name is Joe, most people call me Freki, recently back into the world of bikes after about 5 years of not having one due to lack of a secure space to store one. We had bought a used Diamondback Response (unknown year) in 2011, and soon put it into storage, so now it's time to get it back in working order and cleaned up! Figured I'd join up for when I need some help, and I know I will, it's been about 10 years since I last worked on a bike! Just set up in the living room this evening and began pulling the front apart only to find so much rust and corrosion! This is going to be one interesting project!

See ya around!

Dannihilator 05-17-15 10:27 PM

Welcome to the forums and good luck getting your bike back in running order.

cb400bill 05-18-15 04:27 AM

Welcome to Bike Forums, and back to cycling, Freki!

obed7 05-18-15 06:53 AM

welcome to the forum. Some folks consider wrenching as part of the fun.

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