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PrinzII 05-18-15 01:25 PM

New member: Gilbert, AZ
I joined the forum because you guys have a fair amount of information on the bike that I own (Trek 4300). Mine is a 2010 model in Matte Green with a 22.5" frame. Being a larger person (Think Ndamokung Suh and you have the idea), I had to go with a mountain bike to handle my weight (which, ironically, is the reason I am biking more now).

I do hope to glean more information from this group and even find people to ride with on occasion.

obed7 05-18-15 01:40 PM

welcome to the forum. Be sure and check out the clydesdale section of the forum.

cb400bill 05-18-15 09:23 PM

Welcome. Come try out for the Lions.

PrinzII 05-18-15 10:10 PM

Obed: I have and already feel like I am at home.
cb400: Two things would prevent that. One is my age. The others are my fave teams (Bears, Ravens, Seahawks and Cardinals), the first of which is my home city.

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