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SkvLTD 05-20-15 04:47 PM

Hi all, from DMV area.
Decided to get a road bike for commuting and possibly courier purposes and after stalking CL for couple week, found 93 Raleigh SP 2000 for $500. The components were a mix of Dura-Ace and 600, and my later research showed that previous owner(s) likely mixed parts from SP 1000, but it seems about as good if not better than lots of $1-1500 level bikes in stores today (or correct me if I'm wrong).

My first real question is about getting puncture protection for the skinny road tires - slime stuff, inner strip inserts, perhaps a tire with more tread to help fend off glass shards?

Otherwise really enjoying the bike as a means to haul my photo equipment through the nation's capital vs a longboard or rollerblades.

cb400bill 05-20-15 06:26 PM

Welcome to Bike Forums. Check with the members in our Commuting forum for puncture protection tips.

xiaoman1 05-21-15 10:09 PM

Good components on the bike and nothing wrong with updating....welcome to the forums, Ben

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