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Seldom9 08-05-15 09:24 PM

Oh Hi from Toronto
very very new here, not yet found the bike - choosing to be patient and get what's right.
I work full time, love to run agility with dogs and want very much to get the freedom I need from biking. Soon to come man, but can't put off too long - riding stops dead here in December to March/April for weather conditions.
Looking forward to the collective wisdom here!


10 Wheels 08-05-15 10:23 PM

Hey Shar,

Welcome to Bike Forums.

cb400bill 08-06-15 03:07 AM

Welcome to Bike Forums, Shar!

obed7 08-06-15 05:05 AM

welcome to the forums. good luck with the bike search.

Seldom9 08-17-15 10:05 AM

have bike now!

Originally Posted by obed7 (Post 18049503)
welcome to the forums. good luck with the bike search.

Thanks for the greetings - have bike now - love it.
Just need to get going for more than 20 mins - but has been humid here.


Cascades T700 08-21-15 03:56 AM

Hey there Shar! I loved Toronto when I visited there a while back, Have you googled "Ice Biking"? Also, there is a Winter Cycling subforum here to check out, Even in Toronto you could enjoy your bike,

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