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powerj2001 08-11-15 05:41 PM

New guy checking in
Hi. Just checking in. New guy just looking for info on everything bike related. Currently ride Novara brand Big Buzz, looking into more of a cargo bike for trips to store. Thanks for having me.


10 Wheels 08-11-15 06:37 PM

Hey powerj2001

Kids trailers work fine for that.

cb400bill 08-11-15 06:38 PM


Siu Blue Wind 08-11-15 07:20 PM

Hi and welcome to Bike Forums! We have a cool utility cycling section you might be interested in! Check it out!

obed7 08-12-15 05:27 AM

welcome to the forums

RonH 08-12-15 10:10 AM

Welcome to Bike Forums. Never heard of Nova brand. Got pics?

powerj2001 08-13-15 05:44 PM

Sorry, meant Novara. I fixed original post.


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