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ArmyRN 04-27-05 05:03 AM

Hello from Iraq
I stumbled upon this great site while researching material to start up a spin class. I am a 34 year old Army nurse currently serving in Tall Afar, Iraq. That's midway between the Syrian border and Mosul. I am only a recreational cyclist and spinner with ALOT of time on my hands here. This is a relatively good thing, because if I'm busy, people are injured. My unit hails from Fort Lewis, WA. We are about four months into our year long deployment. My husband is also here in Iraq. I have a four year old son, who is staying with my sister and her family. Her husband is actually an avid cyclist. Looking forward to probing your members for tips on starting up a class at our gym.

RonH 04-27-05 05:21 AM

Do you have a bike for riding or a stationary bike for spinning?
If you have a bike, do you get to ride out into the coutryside or is that off limits, either because you're woman or because its not safe?
What are the locals like? What is the scenery like?

Be safe.

jhershbine 04-27-05 05:54 AM

Welcome, I'm at Ali AB in southern Iraq myself. I'm Air Force, but the Army here has let me join in their spin classes. I also bought a cheap bike at the PX to ride around base, it's not the same as riding back home but keeps me going. Good Luck!

ZackJones 04-27-05 06:10 AM

ArmyRN: Welcome and thank you for serving our great nation. I hope you and all of our fellow bikeforum brothers and sisters make it home safe and sound.

hoodlum 04-27-05 06:12 AM

Welcome. I can't express the amount of respect and admiration I have for all of you serving our country. Glad to have you here.

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