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starbuck5250 08-27-15 06:38 AM

Hello from Upstate NY
I was an avid cyclist in my youth but job, family, and sloth saw me set it aside. I have friends who cycle, and one rode PBP (again!) and has inspired me to take it up again. I have a 78 Peugeot Super Sport UO9 that I bought when I got my first real job. It's bone stock except for cables, tires and tubes which I had to replace years ago. With Sheldon's spirit looking over my shoulder, I removed and cleaned the chainrings, cleaned the chain and freewheel, lubed the freewheel, and trued up the rear wheel that had that wobble in it for 20 years or more. The bike rides great. Too bad my local streets are horrific in terms of holes and debris. I'm currently in 'build up stamina' mode, and enjoying it immensely.

RonH 08-27-15 06:48 AM

Welcome to Bike Forums and good luck on the PBP.
Have you looked at NEW bikes lately? They're awesome. :thumb: Hang on to your wallet. ;)

obed7 08-27-15 06:49 AM

welcome to the forums... lots of on here who spent many years in the dormant mode... have fun.

doug59 08-27-15 10:11 AM

Welcome! Where about in upstate NY? I'm a central NY transplant.

starbuck5250 08-27-15 05:03 PM

Originally Posted by doug59 (Post 18114834)
Welcome! Where about in upstate NY? I'm a central NY transplant.

Schenectady. I need to scope out the Mohawk-Hudson Bikeway because the streets are not kind to my old bones :-)

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