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JWHIBB 08-31-15 08:46 AM

Greetings From Indiana
Hello everyone! I am a Midwesterner from Indiana, but actually live very near Louisville Kentucky. Consequently, you may detect a slight Southern Accent in my typing! Anyway, I was a biker many years ago, left it and have returned in recent years, but truly got back into it this year. I had forgot how great it was and can't imagine why I strayed for so long.

I am a road biker and ride with the Southern Indiana Wheelmen which is a fantastic organization. I am not nearly the rider I was when I was younger, but enjoy it just the same. Although I have rode over a hundred miles in a day numerous times years ago, I have never done an official century. I am hoping to complete one this fall.

I am looking forward to reading and posting in the forum and hope to make lots of new biking friends.

10 Wheels 08-31-15 08:48 AM


Welcome to Bike Forums.

obed7 08-31-15 09:00 AM

welcome to the forums... keep it fun.

cb400bill 08-31-15 09:11 AM

Welcome! What type of bike are you riding these days?

JWHIBB 08-31-15 06:27 PM

Thanks for the welcome messages! I am riding a Giant Defy equipped with Shimano 105 stuff, but I am trading up soon. More on that later.

downtube42 08-31-15 06:40 PM

Welcome. Nice riding in your area. Underground RR route from Adventure Cycling passes nearby. Louisville bike club is great, and Kentucky Randonneurs if you go off the deep end.

Enjoy bf.

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