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feltIT 09-01-15 09:20 AM

New to road biking... Wife thinks I have a bike buying problem
Hello - I've been learning a ton on these forums and thought I should finally register and see if I can contribute in some way. I used to mountain bike occasionally with a Mongoose Teocali purchased from Performance Bikes. I wasn't sure what I was doing and so I bought what was in stock... I will never make that mistake again.

Recently I have been looking for ways to get back into shape and road cycling looked like the answer. I started reading these forums and decided CL is my best option... I got very lucky and found a 2010 Felt F3 carbon bike in excellent condition and got it for a steal - Perfect fit. I've been riding 3 times a week between 15-20 miles per ride and am officially hooked.

I just sold my mountain bike and purchased a Schwinn Madison SS to ride around town. I am constantly looking on CL and have a couple bikes that have sparked my interest.. A serotta concours titanium and a Trek 5200 USPS addition. But we'll see...

Sorry for the rambling introduction... Looking forward to being a part of this community. :thumb:

10 Wheels 09-01-15 09:26 AM

Hello and Welcome..

Smart Wife...Listen to her.

obed7 09-01-15 10:05 AM

welcome to the forums.... explain N+1 to her, I am sure she will understand.

RonH 09-01-15 12:33 PM

Welcome to Bike Forums. Those are some nice bikes you have and are considering. Have fun.

cb400bill 09-01-15 12:39 PM

Welcome. Good luck with N+1 syndrome!

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