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Geoweb2k15 09-02-15 03:30 AM

Forme brand?
Hi guys, firstly let me say hello to you all as I'm new on the forum. I'm looking to get a road bike and am currently considering a Forme bike. Are these brand ok or should I consider another brand?

Thanks in advance guys!

cb400bill 09-02-15 04:31 AM

Welcome to Bike Forums.

Seeing as this is the Introductions section, you aren't likely to get your answer here. I suggest asking your question in out Road Cycling forum. Road Cycling

obed7 09-02-15 05:12 AM

welcome to the forums. You were given good advice by cb400bill. I can not give any advice on this as I know nothing about that particular brand.

Geoweb2k15 09-02-15 06:43 AM

Thanks guys!

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